Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Tone Compared To The Empire Strikes Back By Marvel Executive

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 may be taking some notes from another Disney-owned property and becoming the dark chapter in Insomniac’s web-slinging story. Here’s a quick segment about the new Spider-Man 2. Marvel WeekPodcast hosts Ryan Penagos & Lorraine Cink talk with Bill Rosemann, Vice President Creative, Marvel Games. Rosemann discussed some of his favorite moments from the Marvel game announcements at the Sony PlayStation showcase a few weeks ago.

Rosemann provides some information about Spider-Man 2 but leaves us guessing as to key elements of the trailer. Rosemann confirmed that there were some improvements to Peter’s suit and Miles will now be fighting multiple enemies. Venom was first teased in Spider-Man, and is shown in the trailer. However, a mysterious voice voices the other side of the Symbiote. It sounds a lot like Kraven, the Hunter. However, Rosemann only confirms that it’s “a voice of a character who is in the game.”

What’s most exciting from the interview is this little morsel of info Rosemann freely drops near the end of the interview: “If the first Spider-Man was Star WarsSpider-Man 2 may be our favorite superhero movie. Empire“It gets darker.” It gets a little darker.” Peter Parker and Miles Morales have certainly had their share of adversity in their separate PlayStation adventures, but invoking The Empire Strikes backThis sequel has certain implications. What will happen to the Spider-Men duo after their battle with Venom and the unknown (probably Kraven?) foe? What will happen to their families, New York City, and the Spider-Men after they have won? We’ll have to wait a while longer for those answers.

Marvel’s scrappy foul-tempered mutant Wolverine also has a game in the works from Insomniac, and while Bill Rosemann didn’t have much to say about it right now, he gave some hints of what to look for in the reveal trailer. “The scene where you are behind Logan, and he is at the bar, is chock full of Easter eggs,” says Rosemann, claiming internet detectives have found some of, but not all of them. He suggests taking a close look at the cash register as well as on the bar in the shot where Wolverine pops his claws for fans to find some of Rosemann’s personal favorite Easter eggs.

Both of Insomniac’s games are a ways off, with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 slated for a 2023 release on PlayStation 5 and Marvel’s Wolverine coming at an unknown date. Rosemann suggests an Empire-like tone for the Spidey sequel, what’s your prediction for what will play out? Comment below!

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