Mario Kart Live 2.0 Update Adds Split-Screen Multiplayer, Four-Player Relay Racing, And More

Mario Kart Live Home Circuit received 2.0 updates. This update brings split screen multiplayer, four-player Relay Race mode and additional tracks. 

This update was revealed on Nintendo’s YouTube yesterday in a new video showcasing all you can expect in 2.0. In it, Nintendo reveals the new split-screen multiplayer mode coming to Mario Kart Live, which is the company’s toys-to-life-esque kart racer that tasks players with building a track in their own house and then racing a real Mario Kart RC car around it.

The new Split-Screen mode is exactly what you’d expect in a Mario Kart game: place two karts onto the track, round up two controllers, and race your friend or foe on-screen. It looks pretty identical to a standard Mario Kart split-screen mode, except it’s your living room on the screen rather than Bowser’s Castle. 

If two players aren’t enough, you can bring in two more thanks to Mario Kart Live’s new Relay Race mode. This mode allows two people to ride on the same kart and can switch between steering and driving. It can accommodate up to four players. Three new courses have been added: Windmill Meadows, Music Broadway, and King Boo’s Courtyard. Plus, Luigi’s Poltergust is now a customization item available for use alongside the Spooky Horn. To unlock the Luigi Cup, you must meet certain requirements in the Grand Prix.

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