Mario gifts: Books, decor, movies, and more for Super Mario fans

Mario is perhaps the most iconic video game character, and he’s only in his late 30s. The times and technology have changed a lot since his debut in the mid-1980s, but the popular Brooklyn plumber is up to the same old shenanigans of sliding through pipes, jumping on heads, and racing karts — plus some new ones, like being an elephant in his latest gaming adventure, Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

Whether you’re a longtime fan familiar with Mario back from his early days on the NES or a newcomer, having fallen head over heels from 2023’s Super Mario Bros. MovieYou might be on the lookout for some of the greatest Mario-themed gifts. And friend, we’ve got you covered there.

Below, we’ve included the best books, games, movies, toys, and more that celebrate all things Mario. As new products are introduced, the contents of this list may occasionally change.

Best Mario books

Super Mario Official Sticker Book

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This sticker book will help you to become familiar with all things Mario. It’s great for kids and adults alike, containing fun minigames and stickers that any Mario fan will enjoy. 

Super Mario Odyssey: Art of the Game

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Ever wonder what went into conceptualizing and drawing Mario’s shape-shifting hat, Cappy, in Super Mario Odyssey? Here’s a book with all the wonderfully presented answers. Also, the book looks nice on your shelf.

Super Mario Cookbook: The Unofficial Guide

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What’s more fun than cooking? Mario-inspired dishes to cook. This book comes with all kinds of recipes, including, of course, how to make some of Mario’s power-up items.

Best Mario music

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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If you want to enjoy Mario-themed masterpieces on repeat, like Jack Black’s “Peaches” song or the “Mario Brothers Rap,” this is the soundtrack for you. However, parents may want to buy earplugs as well so they don’t get overwhelmed by “Peaches” for the 100th time straight.

Best Mario toys

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit – Mario

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It’s unlike anything else on the market. It’s a Switch game that includes a camera-equipped Mario riding a go-kart, plus pieces that help you build a racetrack in your own home. For people who’ve always wanted custom courses in Mario Kart, Nintendo delivered an even more off-the-wall way to do that than anyone could have imagined.

Super Mario 3D World Toy Figures

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Mario, Luigi and Peach have returned, dressed now in adorable, furry onesie. This gift has dual purposes: as a children’s toy and as a collector’s item.

Mario Piranha Plant Escape! Tabletop Game

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For those who are obsessed with physical Mario games as much as the video games he stars in, this board game has the Mario Bros. walking carefully to escape the Piranha Plant’s bite.

Lego Super Mario Starter Course

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This is the Lego Super Mario set you need if you want to add all of Lego and Nintendo’s exciting expansion sets at a later date. The set comes with an interactive Mario figurine, Goomba, Bowser Junior, and a constructable course.

Nintendo Official Super Mario Plush

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You can’t go wrong with a classic Mario plushie. He may not be able to jump, spin, or ground pound like the real Mario can, but at least he’s pretty cute in plush form.

Super Mario Plush Toy – Bullet Bill

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Your Mario plushie collection won’t be complete without some enemies for him to take on. Bullet Bill makes an excellent addition to your Mario plushie collection.

Yoshi Plush

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Yoshi, who is almost as famous as Mario himself, makes a wonderful gift for anyone looking to collect Super Mario Bros. Plushies.

Best Mario accessories

Cartridge case for Question Block Switch

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It cleverly accommodates six Nintendo Switch and microSD card games. The case is available in different colors.

An image of @chibisumichan cosplaying with Chain Chomp earrings

Chain Chomp Cuff Earrings

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Chain Chomp’s latest target is your ear lobe with these cute earrings. But don’t worry. It won’t hurt since you already have your ears pierced.

Earrings Shy Guy

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Shy Guy makes a more adorable alternative to Chain Chomp. He’ll forever be holding onto your earlobe for dear life.

Best Mario decor

Plant Stand Charging Station

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This creative accessory, inspired by an Etsy Piranha plant, allows you to charge your Switch and mount your Joy-Cons safely. You can also decorate your house with it. It can even output video to your TV, just like Nintendo’s official Switch dock.

Super Mario Warp Pipe Pen Pot

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Usually, it’s anyone’s guess as to where a Warp Pipe will lead to. This cute plant or pen holder, however, is purely decorative. Don’t fear: Your pens won’t be transported.

Super Mario Bros Mushroom Light 

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Mario’s games have taught me that anything without a mouth is super cute. Here’s a Super Mushroom light that glows through its red cap.

Mario and Luigi Wall Decals Peel-and Stick

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Peel-and-stick wall stickers allow you to create your own Mario levels. The Mario and Luigi kit also includes other level assets like bricks, shells and coins.

Best Mario games

Monopoly: The Super Mario Bros. Movie Edition

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This classic board game, reimagined with scenes and designs inspired by 2023’s Super Mario Bros. MovieFans of this gaming franchise will be delighted by the new game.

Elephant Mario in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Super Mario Bros. Wonder

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Mario’s latest 2D adventure for Nintendo Switch is a big deal. This new Mario game builds upon the foundations of past Mario titles with some thoughtful and trippy additions.

Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros.

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Here’s a throwback. Nintendo brought back the ’80s relic — the Game & Watch portable console — with a Super Mario Bros.Includes version Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels. The item is for both collectors and those interested in Mario’s history.

Super Mario Edition of the Game of Life

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The latest version is available. The Life of a PersonThe game does not focus on earning money to retire, but instead focuses solely on Bowser. This sounds less stressful.

Paper Mario in an old west shootout

Paper Mario: the Origami King

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While it’s not the most beloved Paper Mario title, Paper Mario: the Origami KingIt’s still worth considering. It puts new spins on the turn-based RPG formula, but still has the series’ signature funny writing.

Mario Red Edition Nintendo Switch OLED

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While technically not a game, this console is a must-have for any Mario fan who doesn’t yet have a Switch OLED. This model is red, just like Mario’s overalls, and hidden coins are etched onto the dock as an Easter egg.

Best Mario movies

Super Mario Bros. Movie

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Buy a copy Super Mario Bros. MovieYou can view it any number of times you like.

Super Mario Bros. (1993) 4K Blu-ray Collector’s Edition

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The “Trust the Fungus” edition of Super Mario Bros. arrives for the 1993 film’s 30th anniversary. The set contains 3 discs, 2 books, 1 film cell, 4 posters, 5 stickers, 6 art cards plus more. This set will be released in January 2024.

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