Lies Of P: 20 Soulslike Tips, Tricks, Secrets, And More To Help Pinocchio Survive Krat

It’s easy to forget how useful consumables and throwables can be in a Soulslike – the fun is whacking enemies with your hammers, slashing them with swords, and more. Do not ignore these consumables in Lies of P. You will need to use them to fight against enemies who can easily inflict overheating, shock, corruption, and other effects. Certain items can help you achieve this, while others make it more difficult for your enemies to do so. They are there for you. 

On the throwables front, you can pick up items which will also inflict these same status effects to enemies. You can use your Legion Arm and Grindstone to do this, but they take a lot of time to do. Instead, you can throw an electric grenade and inflict Electric Shock to an enemy.

Don’t hoard these items – you’ll get many and should use them.

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