League of Legends’ Udyr work shows ability stances in first trailer

Udyr is a long-standing member of the League of LegendsHis rework was one of the most urgently needed champions updates. Riot Games released the first full trailer for Udyr’s gameplay rework on Friday, showing off The Spirit Walker’s new look as he chases enemies around the Rift.

While we still don’t know exactly what Udyr’s reworked abilities will do, the preview in this trailer gives us plenty of clues. He will have 4 different stances that he can change between. Each one has its own effect on Udyr’s movement and attacks.

The trailer also shows off the visuals of his new stances, which seem to be based on the Freljord’s gods, like Anivia, Ornn, the Iron Boar, and Volibear. That’s a change from the Phoenix, Turtle, Bear, and Tiger that the old version’s stances were based on.

Udyr’s updated visuals and abilities are set to arrive in League of Legends with patch 12.16, which should mean he’s about three weeks away.

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