League of Legends preseason 2022 update includes new dragons, items

League of LegendsRiot Games uses a seasonal model to launch a new year of competitive gaming. This upcoming preseason is no exception, and fans can expect big changes to Summoner’s Rift on PC.

On Thursday, Riot released a video called “Preseason 2022 and the State of the Game,” in which the developer discussed new champion balance — and admitted that some recent champions have had a few too many tools in their belt — as well as new mythic and legendary items, changes to the runes system, new bounties for objectives and towers, and the star of the preview: some wild new dragons.

The powerful objective of a map is to capture dragons. You can find them in the river pit, which is located on the bottom-right side of your map. They come in several elemental types. The elemental dragons change the terrain on the map and offer buffs when they are killed. It is a critical task that teams must prioritize.

Preseason 2022 will see the addition of two dragons. Teleportation is possible with the Hextech Dragon’s gates. When players are low in health, the Chemtech Dragon gives them extra damage. Players who die get another chance to kill their opponents with a brief ghost form. The Chemtech Dragon also creates camouflage areas around the map in order to conceal teams. You’re sneaky!

Preseason 2022 will be available on the game’s test environment in a couple of weeks, and Riot will dial back these new changes if they disrupt the game a little too much. Right now League of Legends esports teams are competing in the game’s yearly Worlds tournament. ArcaneNetflix’s November premiere will see the debut of, a TV series about Hextech, Chemtech, and Piltover.

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