League of Legends lore and locations to expect in Arcane season 2

Riot Games, Netflix and other media outlets have both confirmed this. ArcaneA second season is in the works. After the explosive end to season one, there’s still a lot of potential fallout that could happen in the cities of Piltover and Zaun. One of the greatest benefits to the season one finale was the League of LegendsIt is amazing how vast it is. Piltover & Zaun only a tiny slice of an even larger landscape, so there are hints at where this show might go next.

Piltover’s secret police

Caitlyn is the law, Arcane, League of Legends fans know that there’s a higher authority that we have yet to see. Camille, Champion LeagueHextech-augmented elite agent from the upper class,. The technology that we are seeing develop has been used by her. ArcaneTo essentially transform into a killer cyborg and secret agent. The 2019 “Awaken” cinematic shows Camille raiding a theater along with Piltover police, and it’s possible ArcaneThat might be something we could explore.


Arcane introduces a little bit of Noxus, largely through Mel’s mother, which suggests the empire could have a bigger presence in the future. In case you’re not familiar with League of Legends lore, Noxus is one of the main threats; it’s a meritocracy modeled after the Roman Empire. There’s an extra layer of intrigue; Noxus is built off a base of dark magic, and occult groups manipulate the nation’s politics from behind the scenes.

It is easy to create a conflict with Noxus. The nation depicted in Runeterra as expanding relentlessly, and leading campaigns to increase their boundaries. Piltover with its technological and rich wealth would be an attractive target.


Shurima, a forgotten empire that was swallowed up by the sands and deserts of the southwest, is now a lost cause. This is a place where a giant golden sun disc once hovered over civilization, and that disc would elevate the emperor’s chosen soldiers into being unstoppable, animal-headed god-warriors. The empire’s internal politics eventually soured, and a sun disc ritual led to the end of Shurima altogether.

So, what’s the link to Arcane? Jayce (and Viktor) use hextech to start an industrial revolution. However, these crystals are made from Bracken in Shurima. The possibility that high-intelligent and compassionate creatures will be harvested to create cool gadgets could lead to some backlash. We might even see this happen in Arcane’s second season. There’s also some synergy with Noxus, as they’ve expanded into Shurima during their conquests.


Ixtal is relatively young region. League of Legends lore. It was once part the Shuriman empire. But when Shurima went down, Ixtal retreated behind wild magic. Now, Piltover’s need for resources is pressing on the borders of this land, and its defenders are known for a sophisticated grasp of elemental magic.

We won’t be seeing Arcane season 2 in 2022, but there’s still plenty of LeagueFor fans looking to learn more, there is plenty of lore. RPG recently released Ruined Kings: A League of Legends Story focuses on the pirate city of Bilgewater and the spectral Shadow Isles, and it’s a good place to learn more about Runeterra.

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