How to prep for Destiny 2: Lightfall, from bounties to what’s leaving -

How to prep for Destiny 2: Lightfall, from bounties to what’s leaving

Bungie will be releasing its next game on Feb. 28, 2023 Destiny 2: Lightfall, the shared world shooter’s largest content drop since last year’s critically acclaimed The Witch Queen expansion.

It can be difficult and confusing to prepare for large-scale add-ons. Destiny 2: Lightfall preparation guide, we’ll break down everything you should know about what’s leaving the game and tell you everything you need to know to best prepare for Lightfall.

How to get your Destiny 2 character ready for Lightfall

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The best way to plan for new seasons or expansions is toSave money on material and bounties.There are several community-made tools you can use to help prepare. Register with your username and password Destiny 2This tool can help you see the material, bounty, and vault space that you have and give you an objective to work towards. Below we’ll break down the major categories of this checklist to help give you an idea of what to stockpile before Lightfall.

Unlike in previous years, you can no longer acquire Planetary Materials, so we don’t recommend you save them. If you still have some, they’ll be great to turn into Glimmer at Rahool, but you do not have to worry about saving them up.

Materials prep

An image showing the materials/ resources tab in Destiny Recipes.

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Materials Destiny 2This can be used for different purposes such as upgrading armor or purchasing new weapons. Going into a new expansion, you want to start with as many materials as you can — however much you think you’ll need is less than you Really need. A large inventory of materials will help you delay having to hunt down the right material. The expansion should be focused on new content for the first few days and weeks. So get the most of every material you can to make sure you are able to focus on new content. Destiny Recipes’ Pre-Seasonal Checklist gives a great breakdown of what materials you want, and how many of each material to get – they can be found under the “Resources” section. Their goals are a good fit, and we recommend that you target the following:

  • Legendary Shards – 3,000
  • Upgrade Modules†: 25 (a full inventory)
  • Ascendant Shards†: 10 (a full inventory)
  • Enhancement Prisms†: 50 (a full inventory)
  • Enhancement Cores: 200
  • Glimmer‡: 200,000

† We suggest that you have a full inventory of these items, but you can also store them in your postmaster. You can have the same inventory that your characters can carry in their respective inventory as you can in your postmasters. This means that your inventory can only hold 10 Ascendant Shards. The result is that you have 40 Ascendant Shards available in your inventory. You also have three postmasters. All of the materials will be automatically transferred to your postmaster once your inventory has been filled. They can remain there until your next need.

‡ You need Glimmer for almost everything in Destiny 2, so having as much as possible is the way to go. Glimmer can be stored by purchasing certain sparrows and ships from collections. You can then keep them in your vault, and take them out when you are ready to use them. The Otherside sparrow can be purchased for 7,500 Glimmer, and five Legendary Shards. It will give you back 5,000 Glimmer as well as 5 Legendary Shards when it is taken apart. If you had 50 sparrows in your vault and inventory, this would give you an additional 250,000 Glimmer to use to break them out whenever you want.

Bounty Preparation

It is not easy to save bounties and it may be difficult for some people. It allows you to get a head start on the season pass and on the new artifact, but it’s not really going to hold you back past the first couple of days. Prominent community members Skarrow9 and Kimo made a very handy spreadsheet that you can use to keep track of all the bounties you should be saving, we’ll break down the different types of bounties and what you want to prioritize below. You can watch Skarrow9’s YouTube video going over bounty prep and the spreadsheet here:

You can save your bounties by optimizing which ones you choose. You want the best bounties, the weekly ones. — these give the most XP and have the label XP++. Current weekly bounty savings are: 26

  • 8 Weekly Clan bounties†
  • 7 Dreaming City bounties†
  • 4 Europa Weekly bounties†
  • 2 Weekly Moon bounties
  • 2 Nightmare Hunt bounty
  • 2 Cosmodrome bounties

† These bounties are on a rotation so not all of them will be available at one time; for example, the four total Europa weekly bounties are spread out over three weeks. Each week there’s a Europa bounty to help you complete Lost Sectors, Patrols or other smaller missions. Each week, there is one bounty for Empire Hunt. Hoarding is a great way to save money on weekly bounty. There is a bounty for each of the six Ascendant Challenges that are held in the Dreaming City every week. (As of publication, there were less than six more weeks). Lightfall – but it’s worth starting now if you haven’t already.)

Weekly bounties are now availableYour inventory should be filled with daily bounties and not repetitive bounties. These do not offer as much XP. You’ll want to try to save seven bounties from each vendor of the three primary playlist activities: Crucible, Vanguard Ops, and Gambit. You will be able to complete the weekly challenge, which is eight bounties. Because you don’t want to save too many gear, you should only do seven. Wait to complete these challenges until after you complete the campaign and reach the game’s soft power cap, which will be revealed in the coming weeks as the expansion approaches.

Because you’re prepping for a new expansion, there are bounties that will not be available to turn in when Lightfall starts. These bounties include anything from one of the seasons (see more about the seasons below) and anything from any event such as “the Dawning” or “the Festival of the Lost.” Any bounties from these sources will get removed from your inventory before you log in for Lightfall.

Vat cleaning

Keeping your vault clean is something few of us like to do, but it is a necessary step in preparing for a new expansion — you’re going to need space for the multitude of new items you’re about to receive. There are many things to think about when cleaning your vault, and we’ll break down a few of them here. For even more advice, we recommend Datto’s video about the topic.

The best tip for keeping your vault tidy is Destiny Item Manager. This tool allows you to manage your inventory from outside the game. DIM offers many great features to help organize your inventory and make it easier for you to play the game. DIM’s primary feature is to help move items between your characters and the vault, but it can also do more.

Labeling items is the best way to maintain a clean vault with DIM. Items can be labeled as save, junk or infuse. You also have the option to name them favorite, archive, and/or favourite. This pairs well with DIM’s powerful search feature, which allows you to search for items using a variety of criteria, including being able to search for a particular tag.

An image showing Destiny Item Manager.

Image: DestinyItemManager via Polygon

The process of deciding what junk items you want to remove is not easy. These are some simple questions you should ask yourself when clearing out your vault.

  • What is the best time to use this product?
  • Does this weapon/this weapon’s kill tracker mean something to me?
  • Do I only have this weapon/archetype/element?
  • This is my weapon’s best role in PvP/PvE?
  • Do I have to use the armor for a decent loadout?

D2 Armor picker can help you reduce the armor stored in your vault. The D2 Armor Picker allows you to design the perfect loadout. It lets you control many variables such as which class you are interested in, which exotic you use and how much you would like to have a particular stat.

All Destiny 2 content will be removed on February 28, 2023

Launch of Lightfall will see some content enter the Destiny Content Vault — the removal of certain activities and/ or locations that may return at a later date. Luckily, Bungie isn’t removing as much as it did with Beyond LightYou can even get it! The Witch Queen. This year, we’ll only lose the content from seasons 16 through 19.

We will explain everything you need to know and give some tips.

A note about Destiny 2’s seasonal weapons

The weapons directly linked to one season (i.e. Not world-drop weapons but all of the weapons that are directly tied to a season, can be craftable. All five deepsight patterns are required to be completed. If you’re behind it is best to just get the basics and not try to create them. The crafting of weapons is only slightly better than the non-crafted version, so you should focus more on getting it than crafting. If crafting a gun is your goal, you will find an upgrade for each season at the HELM. It makes each weapon purchased from the vendor every week a Deepsight model. Starting Jan. 31, you’ll be able to focus one Deepsight weapon per day rather than per week as outlined in the 1/26/23 This Week at Bungie.

Season of the Risen

An image showing some content from Season of the Risen.

Image: Bungie

The Season of the Risen sees the Vanguard and Caiatl team up to prevent Savathun’s Lucent brood from spreading across the galaxy. The Void 3.0 subclass overhaul was also introduced in this season. This season’s primary activity is PsiOps Battlegrounds.


We think four seasonal weapons are the best from the Season of the Risen.

  • Under your Skin: Void bow – This bow can roll the great combo of Archer’s Tempo and Explosive head. This legendary bow is one of your best.
  • Piece of mind: The Kinetic Pulse Rifle – This pulse is great for both PvE as well as PvP. For PvE you will want Overflow or Focused Fury. You should look for Perpetual Mobil and Moving Target if you are looking for one for PvP.
  • Thoughtless Stasis Sniper rifle – One of the most effective snipers to deal boss damage. Be on the lookout for Overflow or Focused Fury.
  • Explosive Personality – Solar grenade Launcher – This is the current only Solar Wave Frame rocket launcher. Rolls aren’t great, but you can find Auto-Loading Hoster or Frenzy and One for All.


An image showing the Risen Title.

Image: Bungie via Polygon

When the Risen title is over, all the Triumphs are being vaulted Lightfall starts. Our Risen Title guide can help you.

Dead Messenger and its Catalyst

An image showing Dead Messenger.

Image: Bungie via Polygon

The Exotic mission that contains Dead Messenger, “Vox Obscura,” launched with The Witch QueenIt was in fact part of the Season of the Risen. It is therefore likely that it will disappear when Lightfall Launches. Follow our Dead Messenger guide for more details.

Season of the Haunted

An image showing content from Season of the Haunted.

Image: Bungie

Season of the Haunted: Calus returns with his Leviathan boat, but it has been corrupted by Nightmares. Eris Morn and I work together to stop Calus accessing the Lunar Pyramid Ship, which could release more Nightmares. Also, this season brought the Solar 3.0 overhaul. Nightmare Containment was the primary activity in this season.


Two sets of crafting weapons are available in the Season of the Haunted: the Opulent and the seasonal weapons. Although the Opulent weapons all look great, it is not the same with the seasonal weapons. The following are our four top picks from both the Opulent and Seasonal weapons:

  • The CALUS Mini Tool: Solar sub-machine guns – This weapon ranks high because it can roll Incandescent. Although the perk choices in column one are not great, Grave Robber, which is available to Solar Titans who use their throwing hammer, can be a good choice.
  • The Austringer Kinetic Hand Cannon is a great weapon for PvP. This 140 is a great choice for PvP because it includes Rangefinder and Eye of the Storm.
  • Bump in The Night: Stasis rocket Launcher – This weapon is outstanding for boss damage because it can roll Chill Clip. When combined with a Galajhorn, it provides huge boss damage. It excels against fights such as the Daughters of Kings Fall and Taniks From the Deep Stone Crypt.
  • Hollow Denial – Void trace rifle. This is currently only the Void legend trace rifle. Trace rifles have been criminally underrated. This weapon might be an outstanding comeback. Lightfall. Seek out a roll that includes Repulsor Brace, Killing Tally.

Title of the Reaper

An image showing the Haunted title.

Image: Bungie via Polygon

Lightfall will see all the Triumphs that are associated with the Reaper title get vaulted. This This Week In Video Games video guide will help you with the Triumphs.

Season of Plunder

An image show content from Season of the Plunder

Image: Bungie

In the Season of Plunder, we work side by side with Eliksni and prevent Eramis depriving us of the Relics of Nezarec. With it came the Arc 3.0 subclass overhaul. Ketchcrash, Expedition are the two main activities of this season.


Season of Plunder only had six weapons, but many of the weapon picks are good because of their perk pool.

  • Tarnished Mettle Arc Scout rifle: This Arc troop can roll with Voltshot. It is one the greatest perks for general fighting or clearing. Try to find one with Rapid Hit as well and you’ll have yourself an amazing weapon to pair with an Arc 3.0 subclass.
  • Blood Feud Stasis submachine guns – This weapon has stood out due to the new buff to Ambitious Assassin primary weapons. Frenzy is paired with it to make this an excellent primary weapon.
  • Brigand’s Law: Arc sidearm – This weapon stands out for the same reason Tarnished Mettle does, the Voltshot perk. You can pair it with Feeding Frenzy, which is in the first column.
  • No Reprieve: Stasis shotgun – Should slug shotguns come back into the meta for boss damage, this weapon’s ability to get Surrounded makes it a top choice. It is a great shotgun for all types of play.

Scallywag Title

An image showing the Scallywag title.

Image: Bungie via Polygon

Lightfall will see all the Triumphs related to the Scallywag title get vaulted. This video guide from StrawDesertHD can help you understand these Triumphs.

Season of the Seraph

An image showing content from Season of the Seraph.

Image: Bungie

Season of the Seraph: We try to rebuild the Warmind Rasputin and prevent the forces of Xivu Arath gaining entry to the Warsat networks. Heist Battlegrounds are the primary activity in this season.


The Season of the Seraph featured ten crafting weapons. Six of these weapons are tied to the season and four of them are IKELOS weapons. Take a look at these top four.

  • IKELOS_SMG_V1.0.3 Arc Submachine Gun – While this weapon can be used with Voltshot it’s a good choice. However, many prefer Frenzy. These weapons are both great and well worth the effort before Lightfall.
  • Stasis pulse gun – Disparity has all your favorite perk roll for PvE/PvP. You can use Rapid Hit for either, but Kill Clip and Desperado are great options for PvP. Frenzy is great for PvP.
  • Retrofit Escapade – Void machine guns – This weapon can deal huge boss damage thanks to Target Lock. This perk, along with Fourth Time the charm is one of the most powerful DPS options in Lightfall.
  • Judgment Of Kelogorath – Solar glaive is the fight Glaive for its archetype. This feels amazing to use. You can increase damage by chaining melee attacks and projectile killings with the perk Near to Melee.

The title of Seraph

An image showing the Seraph title.

Image: Bungie via Polygon

When the Seraph title is renamed, all the Triumphs are being vaulted. Lightfall starts. This week’s video guide, by This Week In Video Games provides great help for these Triumphs.

Revision Zero, and its Catalysts

An image showing Revision Zero.

Image: Bungie via Polygon

Similar to Dead Messenger, Revision Zero comes from an Exotic mission, “Seraph Station.” It is an Exotic pulse rifle that is craftable and has four different catalysts. You can find more details in our Revision zero guide.

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