How the 2D Arena Shooter AlphaLink Went From Local to Online During a Pandemic

AlphaLinkIt is a multiplayer 2D arena shooter with XP and progression. You can play it both locally and online. However it wasn’t always headed in that direction. The year 2020 was the beginning. AlphaLinkThe idea was to create a local multiplayer gaming experience that would allow friends to play together on the same couch. It was a good idea in an era when esports and gaming were considered a given. 


Actually, AlphaLink’sFirst appearance was made at the Valhalla Lounge in Austin, Texas. A competition was held to see which indie game patrons preferred. What was the time? AlphaLink The best show award for the night went to the winner. It seemed that the direction was right. It seemed that the direction was well-recognized.


One month later, the pandemic struck hard and quickly. Everything was being cancelled or delayed, even gaming events. AlphaLinkThe event was set for. A major shift was in order for a title who relied on the continued feedback from these events in order to grow.


Although the team was aware that undertaking an online project would prove difficult, it proved to be much more challenging than they had anticipated. A complete back-end system was needed to monitor every interaction and movement on the screen, and then sync them all in real time for everyone. It can be difficult to do this in 2D as everyone is seeing the exact same thing at the same moment. The team persevered and created an inventory system using PlayFab that could be leveraged.


With the new functionality in place, the team designed a progression system that included cosmetics and in-game currency. They didn’t stop there. AlphaLinkThe game also features a leaderboard, which pits opposing factions against themselves in a never-ending tug-of war to see who will be the first to reach the top. Other features included an arcade-like simulator mode and bots. A central hub called The Meatgrinder is used by players to launch into everything within the game. You can even have back-end-linked NPCs with updated dialogue to enrich the rich sci fi lore. AlphaLinkBased on. 

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But don’t worry. If you’re simply looking for something to play locally, AlphaLink supports four players on one console; but you’re going to have to bring the snacks. AlphaLinkS.|S.


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AlphaLink puts players into a distopian multiplayer arena battle against other factions to turn the tides. Find friends and pick a faction to fight in online or local matches. You can unlock new cosmetics including armor, helmets and guns by earning XP as well as Galactic Credits.

Additional features of the final game include:
– Hub area to engage with NPCs to reveal lore in the Kova universe.
– Multiple game modes for online and local play
– Faction standings and leader boards
– Various weapon pick ups
– XP and progression system
– Wide range of cosmetics to personalize your player
– Beautiful array of hand-painted levels

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