How Alone in the Dark Brought David Harbour and Jodie Comer Together for the Return of the Survival Horror Classic

On October 25, the film will be released. The Alone in DarkThe game is a dark reimagining that was the origin of survival horror. Pieces Interactive chose David Harbour and Jodie Comer to portray their two protagonists. David Harbour, as Detective Edward Carnby, and Jodie Comer played Emily Hartwood in their very first video games.

You can choose any character to begin with. The Alone in Dark, you’ll experience the whole adventure through an unforgettable performance from one of Hollywood’s most talented actors. Emily and Edward, while both going through similar events, will have different reactions to the environment and unique stories. They both possess strong, individual personalities and histories, and Derceto Manor’s residents will treat them accordingly – playing the game through twice is a must.

David brings his unmistakable presence to his portrayal of Edward, with Xbox’s next-generation hardware capturing every brooding expression and dark glare. In making the role his own, David also injected a distinct humour into the troubled detective’s attempts to ward off the horrors that lurk in Derceto Manor. Alone in the Dark’s classic noir genre trappings and disturbing setting attracted David to the role:

“He’s a gruff detective, and he’s searching for something – he’s hard-boiled, but he’s got some humour to him. He’ s a bit of a trope, or a type, and I liked that – I liked the world, and how he’s exploring this insanity, amidst all this horror.”

Jodie’s ability to become totally absorbed in her roles has rightfully netted her Olivier, BAFTA, and Emmy awards, and she brings that same tour de forceIt is time to be Emily Hartwood. From her quiet fear of the Hartwood family curse consuming her, to explosive desperation in the pursuit of her missing uncle Jeremy, Jodie’s nuanced characterisation of Emily is at once terrifying and heartbreaking.

“I loved the mystery of the game, I loved the picture of her. There’s a lot of fear within her, and a lot of speculation, and curiosity, dread, intrigue. There’s a lot about her that’s kind of on edge.”

Awakening The Alone in Dark‘s long-dormant terror meant assembling a crack team of horror gaming’s best,The following are some examples of how to get started: this started with Creative Director and Writer Mikael Hedberg, the mind behind the macabre worlds of Amnesia and SOMA. Joined by long-time Guillermo Del Toro collaborator Guy Davis – contributing creature designs – and doom-jazz legend Jason Köhnen – helping shape the game’s oppressive atmosphere – the team creating The Alone in Dark are dedicated to creating a game that’s at once a faithful recreation for fans and an accessible entry point for players new to the series.

There are still surprises to come between now and October, but you don’t have to wait that long. Get a free taste of what awaits you in Derceto with this. A Prologue for Alone in The Dark, and pre-order the Digital Deluxe Edition for access to the Derceto 1992 Costume Pack, Vintage Horror Filter Pack, and Director’s Commentary with Mikael Hedberg.

Alone in the Dark

Xbox Live

The Alone in Dark

THQ Nordic

In this remake of the classic Survival Horror game Alone in the Dark we combine Psychological Horror and Southern Gothic.

The original is a love letter, and you can experience the story from the perspective of either Emily Hartwood or Edward Carnby. Play as either Edward Carnby or Emily Hartwood and explore your environments, fight monsters, solve puzzles and uncover the uneasy truth of Derceto Manor…

Deep in the 1920’s south, Emily Hartwood’s uncle has gone missing. With private investigator Edward Carnby she sets out on an adventure to Derceto Manor. A home for mentally ill people where there is something lurking. You’ll encounter strange residents, nightmarish realms, dangerous monsters and ultimately uncover a plot of rising evil. An adventure that challenges your beliefs awaits you at the intersection of mystery, reality and madness. What will you do, who can you trust and what are you going to believe?

The Hollywood talents of Jodie (Killing Eve) Comer and David Harbour, (Stranger Things and Black Widow), bring Emily and Edward to life with their voice, appearance and acting abilities.

Alone in the Dark Prologue

Xbox Live

A Prologue for Alone in The Dark

THQ Nordic


Alone in the Dark Prologue is an atmospheric Playable Teaser for the upcoming re-imagination of Alone in the Dark – the game which gave birth to the survival horror genre.

One of Derceto’s residents, Jeremy Hartwood, has been acting strange lately. He asks Grace to do one simple thing – help him deliver a letter to his niece, Emily Hartwood. She seems to be the only one capable of understanding the otherworldly horrors plaguing Jeremy’s mind.

Grace agrees and embarks on a short yet memorable trip through a wing of Derceto Manor, invaded by a presence which appears to have emerged from the dark depths of the Bayou…

You can pre-order this game.

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