Hideo Kojima Teaming Up With French Glasses Designer Jean-François Rey To Create Death Stranding’s Ludens Mask And More

Do you remember looking into the mirror in Death Stranding as Sam? While wearing the Ludens mask. Remember how cool you felt (we all felt it, right?). Well, now you can be that cool, thanks to a team-up between Death Stranding director Hideo Kojima and French glasses designer Jean-François Rey. 

According to Video Games ChronicleThe two created a new line of sunglasses, with one pair modeled on Death Stranding’s Ludens mask. Kojima was quiet on this collaboration, opting to simply post photos of the glasses on Instagram without captions, but it’s clear that these eyewear pieces are in some part designed by the game director. 

More on glasses designer’s website, the Kojima collaboration is formally available for pre-order under the “Capsule Collection” umbrella. The glasses will arrive by March 2022 for those who order now. 

“New Collaboration between Jean-François Rey and the famous video game designer Hideo Kojima,” the website reads. “Four original models with surprising designs, inspired by [the]A futuristic world where Death Stranding is possible Under the artistic direction of Hideo Kojima, we have designed the Ludens mask, the hybrid SLS 3D, and metal Bridges frames worn by Sam Porter Bridges.” 

The HKxJF01 glasses have two lenses: one standard and two transforming sunglasses. They can either be worn in front or pushed forward to rest beside the lenses. 


The HKxJF02 glasses look the best and come in blue, black or army camouflage.


This collaboration produced the Ludens Mask + HKxJF03 combination, which is the third pair of glasses. 

“The Ludens mask was modeled by our design studios, and will be produced with SLS technic,” the website reads. “It is equipped with adjustable nosepads and rimlocks for prescription lenses or sunglasses. Ludens maks is a genuine Collector’s item produced in a limited edition. It is delivered in a luxury packaging marked with the Hideo Kojima production house emblem.” 


Prices aren’t listed for the glasses, and to preorder them, the listed number must be called, or the listed email must be messaged. Preorders can be delivered in style beginning March 2022 when the glasses will be released. 

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Do you plan to pick up Death Stranding-inspired glasses in the near future? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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