Hearthstone’s Maw and Disorder: The newest mini-set heads to trial

Hearthstone Blizzard is currently working on a second mini-set and has left Shadowlands in the past for the next World of Warcraft expansion, the trading card game’s current expansion is Murder at Castle Nathria, a mystery murder set in the vampiric domain of Revendreth. A murder is usually followed by a trial, and that is the case here — the next mini-set is Maw and Disorder, and it’s themed around the trial of Sylvanas Windrunner.

Sylvanas was Sylvanas’ main antagonist World of Warcraftfor a long time. It started in Battle for Azeroth expansion, and ended in Shadowlands. This is what it looks like Hearthstone intends to take a significantly sillier take on her appearance; for instance, Sylvanas’ new Legendary card is revealed with a cheesy spinning newspaper reveal.

It doesn’t look like this is the same trial that Sylvanas faced in World of WarcraftNeither, she was forced to stand before Tyrande Whisperwind along with her ex-colleagues and admit her guilt for her war crimes. Sylvanas, Shadowlands’ end boss, will now be fighting in court against Jailer.

This mini-set contains 35 cards, including four epics, one legendary, fourteen rare and sixteen common cards. You can find them in Murder at Castle Nathria packs and as a Mini Set bundle.

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