Hearthstone Mercenaries | New Gameplay Today

Hearthstone Mercenaries (a new Hearthstone game) is a strategy-based RPG that challenges players with PvE in a tactical setting. Yes. It’s very different to Hearthstone. No, I don’t know why it’s being lumped into Hearthstone proper because it’s fairly confusing. It’s a completely new game with different rules, different cards, and RPG leveling, gearing, and even grinding. It’s out today if you’re interested, and you can join us for a quick romp through some early levels in this episode of New Gameplay Today!

While the missions in the Barrens don’t showcase the depth or complexity that the game reaches with multiple abilities, equipment choices, or combos, it’s a good way to show off some early character development and level structure. You can play bounties to your heart’s content to bring back rewards, allowing you to boost your character abilities and adding permanent points via level-ups to your character roster. You can create combinations and teams to deal with specific bounties by accumulating packs. This is possible if you have the appropriate abilities or specializations.

You don’t take anything from Hearthstone into Mercenaries (except your in-game gold) and it’s a completely new experience. We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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