Halo Infinite: Here’s What Is In The Shop This Week

Every Tuesday, Halo Infinite updates its shop at 10 AM PT. New items are available for players to purchase using credits. 343 Industries updated their shop three times since the release of the multiplayer free-to-play component. You can now get a rare bundle called the legendary, and cool camo options for your cars (see below).

Anubis Armor Set For Mark VII Spartan is the biggest bundle. You get the Anubis Epic Helmet and Arctic Void Epic Armor Coating. You can buy it for $17.99 and get 2,000 credits.

Splinter Desert Epic armor coating gives Spartans a grey camo appearance. It is visually the most appealing option. The texture is also available for all types of vehicles. This bundle contains 1,500 credits.

The Tacticlamp117 bundle will give you another Spartan pose. It shows a Spartan holding an ordinary pistol. Reach Falcon Pilot Pack is last. It includes a Falcon Nameplate, matched vehicle, weapon Emblems and new Spartan shoulder pads. You will need the Mark V armor for this pack from Heroes of Reach Battle Pass. The image below shows all the available items.


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