Guy Fieri Raises $20 Million For Out-Of-Work Restaurant Workers

In the midst of lockdowns and restaurant closures around the world thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, Guy Fieri has stepped up to assist provide aid to thousands of out-of-work restaurant staff, Variety reports.

In partnership with the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, Fieri has helped to boost over $20 million, which can be distributed to restaurant workers experiencing hardship in grants of $500. within the last two months, over 40,000 of those grants are awarded.

“I started brooding about my brothers and sisters within the restaurant business, and a bunch of restaurants that I used to be closing–we gotta do something,” Fieri said in an interview with TMZ.

The TV and one-time computer game star have reached bent the CEOs of massive companies like Pepsi, Coke, and Uber Eats to donate–a welcome change from donation drives that have put the onus on individuals to donate during a time when most of the people are financially affected.

“I started sending personal video invitations to all or any the heavy-hitter CEOs that are involved within the restaurant business,” Guy Fieri explained. “As long because the money comes in, we’re getting to still give these grants.”

The official Mayor of Flavortown also encouraged people to stay ordering from their local “mom & pop” restaurants when takeaway and delivery is out there, to assist keep small businesses afloat.

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