Gundam Evolution Launches Today on Xbox

Ryota HOGAKI, Gundam Evolution Gameplay director shares his behind-the-scenes insight for the exciting free-to-play hero shooter.

Gundam Evolution is a free-to-play, 6v6 hero shooter that focuses on fast-paced, objective-based action – and it’s available to play today for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S!

You will pilot a variety of mecha or “Mobile Suits” from all over the Mobile Suit Gundam universe and shoot it out to become the winning team. Pilots will use their vast arsenal of weapons to win, as they take out objectives and plant explosives.

For more information on the development of Gundam Evolution Ryota HOGAK, Gameplay Director at Gundam Evolution, was interviewed. He shared his insights about its creation, inspirations, and much more.

Hero shooters introduce many concepts, such as the G-maneuver, that isn’t defined in the anime. What were some of the challenges in designing a Mobile Suit’s abilities for a hero shooter?

You can choose from a range of Mobile Suits that include shields, flight capabilities, single high intensity shots, snipers and others. There are some basics of balance in FPS games. For example, it is difficult for snipers target mobile suits that can be easily moved. This is a “natural” balance in FPS games, and it has been maintained in this title as well.

We have made Gundam so people can enjoy it even if they aren’t familiar with it. People who like Gundam but have never tried it before can also play the game without any difficulty. Although we would like to recreate some scenes from the original story, we still want them to be included in FPS games. The balance of the two is something we are constantly thinking about.

The Boost System makes it possible Gundam Evolution It is unique within the genre. How did the Boost System come to be?

Under the catchphrase, “Move Beyond Your Limits,” the game is developed under the themes of “speedy and immersive Mobile Suit team battles” and “defeating enemies by making full use of the various Mobile Suits’ characteristics, abilities, and boosts.” We spent a lot of time on the boost system and repeated prototyping. While we wanted to recreate the sensation of flying massive Mobile Suits in flight, we also desired a FPS game. We needed to provide comfort without disappointing people who had hoped for the same experience as the original Mobile Suit pilots.

It is a unique characteristic of Gundam Evolution The boost system provides a fast and intuitive user interface. You will be more proficient in using different steps or dashes to control each unit. This is a key factor for your progression and skill. You should use steps, boosts and dashes differently if you are feeling slow or sluggish in your movement. Mobile Suits can be difficult to use.

Please tell us the name of the latest Mobile Suit that has been added to our roster.

Yes, the “Nu Gundam” [shown in the gallery above]The new season will see the implementation of these features. This is Amuro’s last Mobile Suit, with fin funnels. This is why a Nu Gundam, a real-life version of the Mobile Suit has been built in Fukuoka Japan.

Please tell us about the Nu Gundam design and what its vision is for a role in a team.

The specialized gun is capable at shooting medium distance. The main weapon of the gun, the beam rifle with high damage, can be used to attack its foes using the Fin Funnel or New Hyper Bazooka. It has been made as a Mobile Suit to be used against both melee enemies and shield-wielding opponents.

Tell us more about the map. Which is the most challenging challenge this map presents for players?

Colony Trading Post the brand new map is located in an urban colony. It’s a unique setting for Gundam Works. The map, Colony Trading Post, is a match-up of destruction set in an urban community. It features many different gimmicks like conveyor belts or vertical obstacles. These obstacles can be used to alter the lines of fire so that it is possible to attack from different locations.

Gundam EvolutionMany options allow you to personalize your Mobile Suit, profile and other features. Are there any other customization options we can look forward to?

Fans can expect us to add original items and to also include customization items. This is done in order to make Gundam more accessible to an even wider audience.

Q: Do you have any advice for new players to the team? Gundam Evolution community?

A: Gundam is easy to use for both Gundam-lovers and those not as familiar but interested in shooting team members. It is also easy to choose the Mobile Suits that you enjoy and wish to use, as there are no role restrictions. Mobile Suits are also easy to use, even for new players to FPS.

Gundam EvolutionS.|S. It is available for download here at the Xbox Store.


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Season MOBIUS now includes the Nu Gundam as well as many more! Use the Fin Funnel as Amuro to your advantage and strive for team victory

Many fan-favorite items related to Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack are also available.

A new MAP Colony CargoBay was added, and additional elements were implemented to enhance GUNDAM EVOLUTION. So, get it today!

GUNDAM EVOLUTION online FPS game lets players control mobile Gundam suits and battle other players online in 6-versus-6 matches. Fast-paced action with immersive controls. To win matches, you can swap between mobile suits that have different characteristics or work with other teammates.

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