Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition coming Nov. 11

Grand Theft Auto’s remastered trilogy — which includes Grand Theft Auto 3 Grand Theft Auto Vice CityPlease see the following: Grand Theft Auto San Andreas — is coming digitally to a host of platforms Nov. 11, with a physical release following on Dec. 7, Rockstar announced Friday morning.

Grand Theft Auto – The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition Rockstar stated in a Newswire posting that this is not merely a repackaging all three titles. These updated titles will include new shooting and aiming controls that are inspired by the more fluid controls in version 1. Grand Theft Auto 5You can find it here. They will also feature that later game’s weapon and radio station wheels, as well as an improved mini-map that allow players to set their destination. The updated games were worked on by Grove Street Games, who have ported many of Rockstar’s most popular titles to iOS, Android, and other platforms over the years.

Rockstar promised new character and vehicle models as well as a weather system and several graphical enhancements and resolution improvements. Special control upgrades will be available for the Nintendo Switch version, which includes touch-screen cameras and gyro aim controls.

Grand Theft Auto – The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition Available digitally for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 (via Rockstar Games launcher), Xbox Series X and Xbox One. The physical versions of the Switch and PlayStation 4 platforms will be available Dec. 7. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: The Ultimate Edition Xbox Game Pass subscribers will have the opportunity to purchase it on Nov. 11.

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