Goosebumps: Dead Of Night | Replay

Attention readers! You’re in for a scare! At least, that’s what we hope as we’re taking a week off from our Super Replay of Demon’s Souls to get into the Halloween spirit by playing Goosebumps: Dead of Night! Get involved Twitch @ 2:05 p.m. Central as we revisit our childhoods with the most recent console game based on the live-action films based on the popular children’s horror books. All that you need? 

Goosebumps – Dead of Night is an adventure that pits gamers against Slappy, the Dummy. He has unleashed all manner of horrors on them. Classic monsters such as the Werewolf of Fever Swamp and the Graveyard Ghoul are just some of the familiar – and frightening faces – we’ll encounter. There’s even a Jack Black-voiced R.L. Stine! Is it cheesy or not? It is most likely. It could make an enjoyable romp. It’s a sure bet that your soon to-be-haunted butts will agree. 

Join Goosebumps fan Marcus Stewart and horror experts Dan Tack and Blake Hester as they dive into this quirky adventure. We’ll have two hours to make it as far into the game’s three chapters as possible. We might just beat it, who knows? You’ll have to join us on Twitch to find out or check out our YouTube channel to watch the archived stream over the weekend.