Ghost Recon Frontline, new 100-player F2P FPS, announced by Ubisoft

The next Ghost Recon game from Ubisoft is something different: It’s a free-to-play, player-versus-player-focused first-person shooter with support for 100-plus players. It’s called Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon FrontlineThe device is ready for testing in select regions next week.

Ubisoft Bucharest, which developed the Tom Clancy’s HAWX games and co-developed other Tom Clancy titles, is leading development of Ghost Recon FrontlineThis is a. This studio will combine tactical military action from Ghost Recon’s nearly 20-year old franchise with massive battle royale engagements.

Ghost Recon FrontlineUbisoft has several game modes. However, Expedition will have 100+ players competing in three-person teams. The map is an open-world, massive map that will require players to collaborate to achieve dynamic goals. It’s located on Drakemoor island which has a number of biomes.

Players won’t just be tasked with eliminating each other in Expedition, but will instead gather and protect intel. Players can also interrogate fallen enemies in order to find their enemy partners. After accomplishing their mission, they’ll fight to survive as they call in an extraction team to escape with said intel.

Ghost Recon Frontline

Image: Ubisoft Bucharest/Ubisoft

Ubisoft Bucharest claims that players will be able to use a wide range of tactical tools, which can help them win. Players will be able to “reshape” the battlefield, calling in vehicles, auto turrets, and dynamic cover — including on-demand sniper towers — via airdrops. Frontline is “built on core Ghost Recon values,” developers said, letting players create their own solutions to solve situations.

Ghost Recon FrontlineContractors are a range of different player classes that will be available to players. Ubisoft suggested three types of contractors that would be offered at launch. They are assault, which provides great durability in close-range combats, support, which gives protection with fortification capabilities, and scout which can recon area to uncover and pester enemy players.

Ubisoft said that other “quicker” modes are coming to Ghost Recon FrontlineIn the ongoing season update plan for the free-to play game, they are both contractors.

Ghost Recon Frontline: Soldiers standing in a row

Image: Ubisoft Bucharest/Ubisoft

Ghost Recon FrontlineThe game has not been released yet, however players from Europe can play it on Windows PC beginning October 14. Ghost Recon FrontlineIt is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Xbox One.

Ubisoft is expanding free-to-play gaming with the new Ghost Recon. Other confirmed titles vying for players’ attention include F2P spinoffs in the Tom Clancyverse, The Division HeartlandAnd Tom Clancy’s XDefiant

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