Fire Emblem Engage gameplay trailer shows new Engage attacks and skills -

Fire Emblem Engage gameplay trailer shows new Engage attacks and skills

Fire EmblemGet involved The game will go live in just over two months. So far, fans of the turn-based tactical RPG don’t have much to go on, apart from the game’s announcement trailer in September, and a story setup from last week, which revealed that heroes from past games will join players in their new adventures.

That’s where Wednesday’s trailer comes in. The five-minute trailer explains what Intelligent Systems intends to do by introducing Emblem Rings. They have 12 in total Feuer Emblem Engagement, each linked to a character from somewhere in the series’ 33-year history. Wednesday’s trailer confirms that, alongside Marth, Get involvedSigurd will be featured The Genealogy of Holy War: Fire EmblemCelica. Shadows of Valentia: Fire Emblem EchoesCorrin Fire Emblem FatesByleth Fire Emblem for Three HousesLyn, and? The Blazing Blade: Fire Emblem (aka 2003’s Fire Emblem for Game Boy Advance) as emblems.

With an Emblem Ring, players gain a passive and persistent buff to their units’ attributes. From there, they may also engage the emblems (hence the game’s title), which will grant special weapons and abilities beyond the standard upgrade. Of specific concern: the powerful Engage Attack, which looks like a super-move that can finish an encounter, whether you’re ahead or behind.

You can see the rest of this video to learn about the different Engage Attacks and Weapons that are available for each set of Emblem Rings. Engage Fire EmblemThis is the 17th instalment in the series and the only one to debut on consoles in 15 years. The game will be available on Nintendo Switch January 20th.

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