Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker | New Gameplay Today

Final Fantasy XIV gets its next big expansion with Endwalker this November, and it’s set to be the biggest expansion for the MMORPG yet. It certainly has a tough act to follow given how awesome Shadowbringers was, but it looks like it’s up to meeting that challenge. We were allowed to play with The Tower of Zot during a preview. Yep, it’s got the jamming tunes we all remember from its inception in Final Fantasy IV. Final Fantasy IV is my favorite game, and this dungeon brings back some great memories.

Yes, there may be some familiar faces within these walls from Final Fantasy IV. You can be sure that the Magus Sisters will use the Delta Attack. Despite my being a newbie to the Reaper class (We began with everything so it was a lot of buttons), we managed to make it all the way to the finish. This episode also included many gameplay mechanics that were already common in Final Fantasy XIV. These include staying away from hazards and paying attention to boss attacks.

This episode of New Gameplay Today features a tour of the Tower of Zot. Is Endwalker something you are looking forward too? Which class will you be playing? Please let us know what class you are going to play in the comments section!


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