Final Fantasy 14’s next update will be delayed by COVID-19: “We are terribly sorry for the disappointment”

The COVID-19 pandemic is postponing the updated plan for Final Fantasy 14, and keeping in mind that the engineers don’t yet have the foggiest idea to what extent it will be, they’re holding a bright demeanor.

Final Fantasy 14 maker and chief Naoki “Yoshi-P” Yoshida tended to the game’s locale in a report on its official site. Yoshida’s post clarifies that form 5.25, the most recent fix for FF14, had the option to go up as indicated by the plan on April 7 because the vast majority of the work for it was done during the time spent creating the last fix. The circumstance is distinctive since the group is taking a shot at update 5.3, which was initially planned for mid-June.

Yoshida was very straightforward pretty much all the components affecting work on the game at this moment. On the game’s Tokyo-based advancement, moving to telecommute, graphical resources, and voice chronicles from overall studios have been postponed, and QA and creation divisions are managing decreased work limits. This at the top of the priority list, Yoshida can’t state yet whether update 5.3 will be postponed by half a month or more like a month.

“We are appallingly upset for the failure this may cause our players, as we probably are aware you anticipate new fixes,” Yoshida composed. “In any case, it is additionally essential to organize the physical and psychological wellness of our improvement group, without whom we could always be unable to discharge the quality updates and highlights you anticipate from FFXIV, so we request your understanding as we alter our calendar as per the circumstance.”

He likewise paused for a moment to promise fans that the groups behind the game “are, for the most part doing fine at present,” and they’re investigating the best techniques for working remotely. Yoshida shut the update with an elevating note (and a gesture toward the FF14 free preliminary).

“While huge numbers of us overall stay inside our homes, we ought to make sure to let delight and chuckling fill them – because, on occasions such as these, it’s particularly essential to discover joy where you can. I trust that in digging into parts of FFXIV that you still can’t seem to attempt – fights to be won, new openings with which to sharpen your aptitudes, associating with in-game companions, and having a ton of fun together – your days will appear to be somewhat more splendid.”

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