Fight As Crab Tanks And Ink Ninjas With These New Splatoon 3 Special Weapons

Splatoon 3 made a splat during last week’s Nintendo Direct, reaffirming its release next year while giving a peek at the campaign with the return of mammals to the world. Nintendo continues to keep the momentum going on Twitter by sharing new screenshots as well as details about two special weapons that can be used in battle.

The Crab Tank is an armored, walking tank which allows for increased mobility and defense. It also sprays ink against opposing teams. Here’s Nintendo’s description of the new weapon:

It is called the Crab Tank. This multi-legged vehicle can be controlled with both a rapid-fire gun or a cannon that has a large blast radius. The ball can be turned into an animal to allow you to travel faster than crab-walking.

Zipcaster transforms intimidating weaponry into a stealthy option. It’s a special weapon that gives your inkling a ninja-like appearance and abilities. Here’s the description from Nintendo’s tweet announcing the item:

An Inkling can transform into a Zipcaster by using this special weapon. Your tentacles can reach far and stick to walls so you can zip around and create chaos. To conceal your identity, when the ink runs out, you’ll be returned to where you first transformed.

These special weapons, which are quite different to the ones in earlier Splatoon entries, are certain to cause a stir wherever you take them. This is only a small sample of new weapons and items that will be coming to Splatoon 3 next year when it launches on Switch.


Do you have any inventive ink delivery devices? Are there any weapons from prior Splatoons you’d like to see a return or left behind? Comment your thoughts!

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