Fall For Indies: Solar Ash and November’s Feast Before Winter Hits

As winter is near, we are ending our Fall For Indies series. It seems fitting that we end the Fall For Indies series with an abundance of fantastic titles to help players get through the dark, long months. Solar Ash, one of our favorite games, originally arrived earlier this season. However, Solar Ash now hits just in time for the frostiest times of year. And while the nights are getting darker sooner, there are still plenty of bright indie launches we’ve got our eye on for the rest of 2021 and beyond.

The Fall Season’s Most Exciting Releases

The last leaves are falling, but there’s no shortage of indies to serve up, as the upcoming feast has many appetizing courses. The Pathless, an action-packed adventure from the creators of Abzû, the brilliant roguelike Death’s Door, and the short-but-sweet A Short Hike are all coming to new platforms. With additional dishes to try like Moncage and Undungeon, this month’s gaming table is stuffed with goodies.

The Pathless

PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 PC, iOS

Giant Squid’s action-adventure game released last year as a PlayStation console and Epic Games Store exclusive, but now it’s making its way to Steam. Playing as the Hunter, you traverse a vibrant open world with your eagle in order to make pincushions out of corrupted spirits and break the land’s curse. While that’s a very important goal, you should also take time to pet your feathery friend because not only is that adorable, but you can use your eagle to fly across the landscape, and it deserves a reward for all the effort. The Pathless hit Steam November 16.


PC, iOS, Android

If mysterious puzzle cubes sound intriguing to you, you’ll want to check out Moncage, which launched November 16. The challenge seems easy on the surface. To move forward, rotate a circle connecting different shapes. Each side of the cube has a different scene and, by figuring out which object from one scene matches up perfectly with another, you’ll solve the puzzle. As the scenes become more complex, it becomes harder to find the right answers. While the puzzle game has no dialogue, that doesn’t keep it from folding narrative hints into its evolving challenges.

An Easy Hike

PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC

A Short Hike was unexpectedly present at the Wholesome Snack Showcase, where it announced its move to Xbox and PlayStation consoles. As the title suggests, this game doesn’t take a long time to finish, but its journey is touching and there’s a lot of fun packed in. Playing as a young bird, you head to Hawk Peak Provincial Park to get away from the world’s cares and summit its highest mountain. You can even choose to give the game a visual boost to 4K on new-gen consoles, making A Short Hike’s stylized beauty even clearer when it comes to the new platforms on November 16.

Tavern Master


You’ve probably thought about retiring from all your adventures. You might consider opening a small bar with the proceeds of your dungeon-delving efforts. You can start with Tavern Master (out November 16). Growing your charming, medieval watering hole from a one-room establishment to a bustling kingdom of tables, servers, and refreshments won’t be easy. You’ll have to attract paying customers with special events and a good bard or two before you can expand your kitchens and guest rooms.

Wandering Trails: A Hiking Game


It’s hard to think of a better way to escape from the real world’s increasingly cold weather than hopping into a world filled with sun-dappled fields, shimmering lakes, and no pressure. Wandering Trails encourages peaceful exploration. With no combat – or even objectives beyond enjoying the scenery – you’re free to traverse the game’s 20 square kilometers of wilderness as you see fit. Equipped with a handy camera, you can snap creative shots of the game’s various wildlife, dynamic weather, or memorable landmarks. The view can be enjoyed simply by admiring it.  


Xbox Series S/X, Xbox One, PC

Released November 18 on Xbox consoles via Game Pass and PC, Undungeon sets out to recapture the feel of action-RPGs of yesterday in a game designed for the modern day. In this Sci-Fi adventure, pixel-art graphics and fast combat combine to create stunning visuals. The world’s detail is unbelievable, and every element of the game, including the smallest clump of foliage, is hand-drawn, according to the developer. You will be able to create a multiverse from your story, which is just as fascinating.

Exo One

Xbox Series S/S, Xbox One and PC

Changing pace from Undungeon’s combat-focused, pixilated sci-fi world, we move onto the incredibly naturalistic and mesmerizing alien journey in Exo One. It has been nearly a decade in development, but its launch date of 2020 was delayed by one year. On November 18, it was finally released on Steam and Game Pass. The game places you in charge of a strange, disc-like craft which you’ll navigate through a multitude of absolutely stunning extraterrestrial landscapes.

Death’s Door

PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC

For many, Death’s Door is not only one of the best indies of the year, but one of the best games of the year period. This roguelike game, which features a death-dealing Crow, was first released for Xbox consoles and PC this summer. The hit title is coming to PlayStation platforms and Switch next weeks. Combat the forces trying to hold death at bay, travel through cleverly designed levels, and watch the narrative unfold as you overcome the game’s difficult challenges. Death’s Door just landed on its new perches earlier this week.

Len’s Island


A little over a year since its successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, Len’s Island is entering Early Access today. Described as a blend of action, exploration, sim, and building, the upcoming title promises to cater to the “hardcore dungeon-crawler fans, home-builders and decorators, explorers and completionists, farming fanatics, collectible hoarders, and people who just want to live the simple life of chopping trees as the sun goes down.” On top of all that, Len’s Island seems to have a dark secret lurking beneath its idyllic shores.

Hot Indies To Cold Weather

There’s a blizzard of small titles heading this way, and even though this round-up series is at its end, you won’t get left out in the cold. Here’s a helpful list of some major releases falling with the snow during the rest of the year.

Solar Ash

PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 PC

Solar Ash has skated in, after a delay of a few more weeks. This colorful title, which is lively in appearance and action, follows Rei the void runner as she fights to save her home city from the ever-growing threat of Ultravoid. Players will race, grind and grapple through the rift. Along the way, you have to defeat giant foes, attacking weak spots found on their bodies – like a neon-dipped Shadow of the Colossus. Solar Ash will release in December.

There are many of us

PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PCs, iOS, Android

Among Us’ PlayStation and Xbox console debut is set for December 14 – just making it in before the jaws of winter close in around us. The social deduction/friendship-ending murder simulator saw an unbelievable surge of popularity on the PC in 2020, but now everyone is invited to join in. With the game’s recent update adding in much-requested roles and in-game currencies, there are a lot of reasons for new and returning crewmates to log a few hours in Innersloth’s killer title.

Card Shark

Change to a PC

Get ready to make your way to the winner’s circle when Card Shark, from developer Nerial, gets dealt. The game’s captivating hand-drawn artwork and stunning backdrop of France in 1700s France are a treat for the eyes. But Card Shark’s gorgeous details aren’t the only thing you can lose your head over. Your opponents won’t suffer cheating in these high-stake contests, and some of the perilous games in this title aren’t the kind you play with cards.

Freshly Frosted


“Fresh apples, hot cider, and delicious maple bar donuts. The perfect fall day.” This quote, posted to the game’s official Twitter recently, is not wrong. This sugary puzzle will hopefully be delivered soon. In Freshly Frosted, it’s your job to make sure a host of delightful treats are properly adorned with icing, sprinkles, and more before reaching the end of the line. This is done by creating a maze of conveyor belts that run around the confection-making equipment. To move up to the next level send cookies and donuts along the way. You might even go to the market to reward yourself with sweet snacks afterwards.

Bravery is not a place to be

Change to a PC

No Place For Bravery, a brutal action-RPG that is currently scheduled for release in 2021, features pixel graphics like no other. You play as Thorn, an aging fighter trudging through a deadly world, taking on foe after foe in your quest to find your daughter. Top-down combat is brutal and can even take down the most unwary warrior. Developer Ysbryd hints that the choice-driven narrative may equal the fighting’s brutality, with increasingly challenging moral dilemmas thrown at the player. Reuniting with your girl will not be easy, as you must navigate these options and overcome foes.

Soup Pot

Xbox Series S/X, Xbox One, PC

Soup Pot has a ready-made soup to warm you up after a cold day. And it’s not just limited to soup. You can create over 100 recipes and share them with your social media followers. You have the option to set up your 3D cooking station, or grab a few ingredients.  You can experiment with your cooking skills, matching and mixing ingredients, or just watch the game to find out what you come up with.


PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC

While the incredible-looking, fairytale-inspired world in Wytchwood appears ready for a knight in shining armor or a woe-begotten maiden to take the limelight, it’s actually a witch at the center of this tale. Her eyes are what make the world look a bit different once in a while. Recently awoken from a mysterious slumber, the game’s atypical protagonist discovers she’s made a deal with a suspicious goat, and it doesn’t seem like there’s any getting out of it. Some magic is on your side. Wytchwood will be released on December 9, technically meeting the fall release window for the team.

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