Exclusive Look At The Driving And Car Combat In Saints Row

After the Saints Row cover, many people asked us for action-focused footage. We’re proud to present a first glimpse of the new driving system for Saints Row, including some exciting ways to get into car fights! I was able to play Saints Row several times last month and found the vehicles of Santo Ileso to be a pleasure. I’m never the biggest racing fan in the room, but this reboot delivers a delightful arcade racing experience that reminds me of the soft spot I have for series like Need For Speed Underground, Grand Theft Auto, and even the earlier Saints games. 

There are many driving mechanics we have seen before in the game, including drifting and speed bumps in specific vehicles. Weapon blindfiring is another feature, however, my favourite addition to the game is being able to ride on top of cars. You have two options: you can drive solo, and let the car’s natural momentum propel you forward. Or you can take control of the vehicle with a partner. You can also deploy your wingsuit to launch yourself into the air if the car is fast enough while surfing. It feels incredible when it happens. When you are ready to return to the earth, you can land on another vehicle.

This Saints Row gameplay video is pre-alpha footage provided by Deep Silver. It represents a game that’s still in development.

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