Even more free and premium costumes for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 are on the way

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is preparing to host its third, and possibly final, season pass premium DLC on March 25: Shadow of Doom. All four members of the superb Four are confirmed as player characters, with Doctor Doom serving because of the primary antagonist. But as per Marvel Games’ Twitter account, there’s also more outfit DLC approaching that very same day.

So there are two sets of DLC here: let’s break it down. Everyone will get one free collection of costumes on March 25: Star-Lord (Conquest), Rocket & Groot (Conquest), Drax (Thanos Imperative), Gamora (Conquest) and Thanos (Annihilation). Those will all unlock through gameplay requirements as usual.

But thereon the same date, another set of costumes will launch that’s directly tied to DLC ownership. That set includes Iceman (All-New X-Men), Cable (Classic), Jean Grey (Marvel Girl), and Gambit (Age of Apocalypse). You’ll check out both content drops within the gallery below, and remember yet one more outfit add-on was announced recently.

Free consistent costume drops are an enormous boon for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 these past seven months: but they still don’t structure for the misfires of the season pass DLC drops thus far. Hopefully, Shadow of Doom is different.

Marvel Games [Twitter]

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