Enter the Nerf Trials to Become a Nerf Legend Today on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S


  • Find out everything you need to know about the growth of Nerf Legends, its story, and online multiplayer modes from developer Fun Labs’ studio head, Mihai Preda.
  • Nerf LegendsThis FPS allows you to wield Nerf bombers in science fiction future. You are a hopeful contestant that has participated in the Nerf Trials.
  • Nerf Legends S is now available|S

You are invited to discover the wonderful world of Nerf Legends! I am Mihai Preda, the studio head here at Fun Labs and we’re excited to be making a video game based on one of our favorite childhood (and adult, if we’re being honest) toys.

Nerf LegendsYou can use Nerf blasters to create a futuristic future in this FPS. You’re a hopeful contestant who has entered the Nerf Trials, a gauntlet-style competition where the blasters are enhanced. Your blasters have been leveled up and are fun to use. You aim to complete the courses and defeat puzzles and Nerf Masters. This story is about your quest to prove yourself with blasters, and make it to the final competition against the Grand Master. You will be crowned Nerf Legend if you do so.

Nerf Legends

To create some new gameplay elements, we took the Nerf blasters as our inspiration. You will soon find your floor covered in foam darts, just like anyone else who has used a Nerf bomber. This game was a great idea and we loved it as a concept. Darts will fly around the floor and you need to pick them up fast to refill your ammo. The idea of picking up and blasting darts can lead to some very interesting game strategies. For example, as opponents blast at you, they’re basically giving you ammo which you can pick up and fire back and vice versa.

Also, inspiration came from other games as well as playing Nerf blasters. There are many people who play different shooters as well as other video games in our studio. Our work was not influenced by any one game. Nerf LegendsHowever, there are many excellent FPS games that you can enjoy.

Nerf Legends

We also have plenty of unique gameplay mechanics, too, that you don’t see often in other FPS games. A prototyping stage was when someone suggested trampoline-like bounces pads. This idea quickly became a hit with everyone. This mechanic was a lot of fun to play with. Sometimes they are used just to jump up to higher platforms or another part of a level, and other times they’re used in puzzles. You could, for example, use a trampoline to jump through the air and hit targets. The idea to turn a trampoline upside down led us to create accelerators. It propels you forward like a cannonball through the level, which is a new way of thinking about traversal. These mechanics were the inspiration for some level design ideas.

You can find out more. many ways the blasters are the stars of the game, but there’s no template for what the universe of Nerf should look and feel like and that gave us a lot of freedom to go into some interesting directions. In Nerf LegendsThere are many ways to scale the walls of castles and run through spaceports filled with futuristic Viking vessels. You can also zip through enormous spaceports or jump through jungle mountains. The levels are varied and not taken seriously. It was about having fun with blasters and creating levels that brought joy to players. This is how we want players to be surprised and thrilled.

Nerf Legends

Nerf LegendsThere is a single player campaign. However, there are many online multiplayer games. Solo Nerf Out, Team Nerf Off and Team Nerf In are our deathmatch and team-deathmatch. However, there is no death. The game’s name refers to the fact that players in it are automatically tagged once they have been defeated. Nerf Siege, our king-of-the hill game mode, and the Golden Dart mode are the other options. Golden Dart can be compared to capture the Flag, but with a twist. It’s a team-play mode where players score by tagging out other players, but the team scores if they capture the golden dart and use it to blast and hit a target that moves around the map. If the dart is fired, the player who carries it loses it. Also, they are tagged out so teammates need to try and protect them.

Nerf and its Nerf blasters are the best toys for adapting to video games. We have tried our best to stay truthful to Nerf’s core values and amplify everything fun about playing with the blasters in real life, all while breaking boundaries to create a heightened Nerf experience that would be impossible have in real-life. We’re looking forward to jumping online and playing Nerf LegendsWith you

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NERF Legends thrusts you into a futuristic, sci-fi world where you’ll come face-to-face with legions of robot enemies and ultimate boss masters. Armed with a wide array of NERF blasters based on their iconic, real-world counterparts, you’ll thwart formidable enemies while being challenged to pull off the most impressive high-flying trick shots across a series of unique and immersive environments. Do you have the NERF skills to take on the task of becoming the ultimate NERF legend?

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