Echo Generation, a Monster Mech Mashup, Launches Today with Xbox Game Pass

We have another surprise for Halloween! Echo GenerationS on Windows PCs, as well as with Xbox Game Pass|S, Windows PC, and with Xbox Game Pass!

Do you remember the mysterious crash spaceship? Echo Generation demo? Your little sister and you can now travel with your companions to discover the mysteries and strange happenings of Maple Town. You can explore a vast world of voxels, battle scary monsters and assist your neighbors as you investigate the disappearance of your Dad.

Echo Generation

We created a combat system that is turn-based, inspired by the old-school. This was in addition to a lot of exploration and quests Paper MarioThis is. To learn more than 30 attacks, and to master various minigames that go with them, collect comic books. You can make friends with pet companions. They each have their own abilities and personalities. Your team will face tougher enemies and more boss fights as you grow. Avoid these attacks, or you could be up for a serious beating. You can choose from nine playable characters. Which character will you pick to fight for Maple Town’s survival?

The game was created in 1993 and a lot of its inspiration comes from popular culture and films from that time. We looked at “The Goonies” and “Goosebumps” A group of children embark on supernatural adventures in order to create our version of this classic story.

Echo Generation

You may notice references to this through the poster homages in the hero’s bedroom, or think of “Tremors” when facing the rainbow Worm Boss. We want to take you on trips to the video shop, tapes, and hideouts in treehouses. Echo GenerationWe wanted to capture some memories of small towns growing up and reflect our suburban Canadian upbringing.

You will discover the true story behind Echo Generation, make new friends, and claim victory in battle against challenging enemies, you’ll be able to unlock up to 50 achievements. The best rule for achievement hunters is to carefully read all dialogue and item descriptions, as well look closely at achievement icons.

Echo Generation

Our first voxel game Riverbond In 2019, it was published. Since then, we’ve been working hard on evolving the Cococucumber voxel art style, building higher resolution models in larger, more complex environments. You’ll explore a range of levels like the FST, the heart of the corporate conspiracy, and spooky graveyards with dancing skeleton cats, rendered with beautiful colors and atmospheric lighting. Explore the colorful world of Echo GenerationOn the Xbox Series X, in 4K resolution @ 60 fps

As creators, we’re moved by the fan response to our reveal announcement back in the summer of 2020 and watched many fun streams of the Echo GenerationDemo during The Game Awards festival. Since then, we’ve filled the world with more enemies, epic soundtracks and of course, some secrets. Is there a secret button to dance? Find the Riverbond easter egg by the name of ‘Bob the Frog’?

Echo Generation

We are happy to share this experience with everyone. Enjoy Echo Generation, now available for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC, and with Xbox Game Pass.

Echo Generation

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Echo Generation is a turn-based adventure with a supernatural twist. Strange happenings in Maple Town. A strange crash takes you on an adventure through the ghostly streets of your home. Complete quests, battle monsters, and uncover secrets that will reveal a time-spanning conspiracy.

Active, turn-based combat
You can become a Battle Master and unlock your potential with over 30 Comic Books. Each Comic Book has its own minigames and skills, and stat boosters.

Get together your party
You can recruit adorable companions for your adventures and use their special skills to defeat enemies and bosses. Do not leave your pet behind!

Find out the Secrets of Hidden Treasures
Maple Town’s people are happy to help you solve mystery and complete your quests. Some may even be able to reveal a path or give you a hint.

A heartwarming story
Echo Generation, set in the 90s has a warm story about the family, supernaturality, and nostalgic feeling of growing up small in a small community.

Charming Voxel Art Style
Immerse yourself in the stunning voxel art style of Echo Generation, the second title in the developer’s ‘Voxel Trilogy’ of games.

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