Dread Hunger leaves early access on Steam on Nov. 10

Dread Hunger This is an outstanding social sabotage strategy game, which is now open to all. In 1847, players take on the role of an expeditioner who is doomed. A few of the crew have been taken by dark thralls beneath the ice with the intention of ruining the expedition and creating a lot of problems for everyone. It is progressing well and will be released on Steam in full on November 10.

In the meantime, we are waiting for any future updates. Dread HungerBad Medicine is an update by developer. The doctor class has gotten a sharp looking update, so he looks a little more distinctive among the other folks on the ship — which is useful, considering his healing perks can save the ship from disaster.

There’s also a ship armory, full of powerful muskets. The trick is that there’s an elaborate lock on the door, and it’ll take six codes gathered from around the map to crack the door open. It is also important to verify that the correct person receives a gun. NotDo not fall prey to thrall-traitors, for you could be in serious trouble.

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