Destiny 2 fans flock to the Tower to honor Lance Reddick’s Zavala

Fans mourn the passing of Lance Reddick who played roles in John Wick’s films. The Wire, BoschPlease see the following: Fringe. There’s been an outpouring of tributes and remembrances on social media, both from admirers of Reddick’s work, and the actors who workedWith him.

But Destiny players are mourning Reddick’s passing in a different way, by visiting his character, Commander Zavala, en masse in the Tower in Destiny 2. Players are hugging, saluting, or simply sitting in silence side-by-side in the game’s main social space, offering tributes to the character and the man who voiced him.

Destiny players have a deep connection to Reddick’s Zavala. He’s been with them, serving as the Titan Vanguard, since the beginning. For many longtime Destiny players (Titan-class players in particular), Reddick’s been a daily presence in their gaming lives for nearly a decade. Zavala, a central figure in Destiny’s history and an ever-present presence at Tower, is vital. It’s not clear how, or even if, Bungie will replace Reddick as Zavala, or whether Zavala as a character will continue to be a presence in Destiny 2.

For now, here’s how Destiny players and Bungie employees are paying tribute to the late actor.

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