Cowboy Bebop’s teaser trailer has John Cho replicating anime action

Cowboy BebopThe trailer is finally out. Netflix released its first teaser after months of photos, news and theme song clips. Cowboy BebopThe series sort of. The trailer is called “The Lost Session” and it shows off John Cho as Spike Spiegal, Danielle Pineda as Faye Valentine, Mustafa Shakir as Jet Black, as they take on a bounty that won’t be part of the actual Netflix show.

With Jet, Faye and Spike calling for new bounty, the trailer begins aboard the Bebop. Two men chase down targets, or chase the wrong target more than once, and then get in some pretty wild fights. The whole thing is set to the show’s iconic music and plays with split screen in a few fun ways before the gang inevitably messes up the bounty and loses out on the cash. While it’s nice to get a short preview of what the show might look like, this still isn’t an official look at any of the footage that will premiere in the first season. For that we’ll have to wait for a trailer that’s coming next week.

The trailer does not reveal how many episodes the Netflix series will include. While it’s likely to have 10 episodes, like most Netflix series, that isn’t enough to cover all the story in the entire 26-episode anime. It’s possible Netflix either condenses the story a bit, or that we’ll have to wait until future seasons to see the conclusion of the story.

Cowboy BebopNetflix will release the movie on November 19.

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