Coca-Cola’s new League of Legends collaboration claims to taste like leveling up

You can add a variety of flavors to the Coca-Cola classic formula. Some examples are vanilla, zesty lemon, and cherry. But the flavor that’s apparently meant to appeal to gamers is the Coca-Cola Ultimate Zero Sugar, which is a flavor meant to evoke the taste of an experience point. This soda comes in an attractive black and gold can. It’s part of a bigger collaboration between Riot Games. Coca-Cola and Riot Games announced the new can on June 7, and it comes with “in-game and digital experiences” to help promote the +XP flavor.

League of LegendsLogging in to the game and completing in-game tasks will earn players limited edition emotes. They are all easy: get 7 assists in a match, gain 12,000 in gold or win in less than 20 minutes. These missions award the Ultimate Teamplay emote, Ultimate Games emote, and Ultimate Tempo.

Personal, I would create my own League of Legends-affiliated flavor for Coca-Cola, I’d go with salt. Thematically, experience points also make sense. They are earned by players as they defeat minions or other champions during the game.

Again, the can’s design is also pretty striking, with elaborate gold-and-black coloring. It’s rounded out by blue highlights that are inspired by hextech crystals, the powerful magic source used in the city of Piltover. Netflix has heavily featured these hextechs crystals Arcane, They are easily recognizable in the scene.

Log in to your account League of LegendsComplete these quests to earn the emotes associated with them until July 18, 2018. Coca-Cola +XP is currently available in Latin America, Africa, Latin America and Canada. North America is also getting a full-sugar variant.

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