Choo-Choo Charles is a horror game about an awful spider-train monster

Survival horror train game Choo-Choo CharLooks like an unusual combination Blair Witch Legend of ZeldaSpirit TracksIt comes with an extra Thomas the Tank Engine nightmare. It’s the logical conclusion of nearly a decade of Thomas the Tank Engine video game mods, only the locomotive here isn’t a stand-in for a SkyrimCharles is not a dragon but rather a bloodthirsty spider-legged monster named Charles.

Two Star Games’ announced Choo-Choo CharOn Friday, a viral tweet from the developerThis unique horror game quickly became a hit. Turns out no one wants to be chased by a hungry-for-human-flesh spider-train-beast, but they do want to play a video game where you can upgrade a modest train with a mounted machine gun and kill that kind of creature.

According to Choo-Choo Char’ official description, Charles is terrifying a local village and it’s up to you to destroy him. You’ll complete missions for local townsfolk, loot for scraps to upgrade your train’s armor, mobility, and damage, and ultimately take down Charles.

While Two Star Games’ newest release seems perfect for Spooky Month, Choo-Choo Char won’t be out until the first quarter of 2022, according to its Steam listing. Two Star Games offers three horror games for free on Steam: Cloud Climber My friend is a RavenPlease see the following: Riverager Night

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