Call of Duty: Warzone season 6 patch notes: Verdansk’s last season

Call of Duty: WarzoneSeason 6 has arrived, with some major changes in the game’s future. Vanguard: The Call of DutyUpdate Update. Warzone’s iconic Gulag, adds a few new points of interest to Verdansk, and includes some balance changes as well.

The end of Season 6 Warzone According to Raven Software, players can play on Verdansk. Raven Software is returning the Gulag where players will be able to compete in duels to win the opportunity to go back to the action. Raven made some updates, but the main area remains the same.

Verdansk, which was destroyed again in the previous season, will also see some updates. New points of interest include new destroyed versions of cities and large fissures in the landscape.

Raven adjusted the balance of a couple assault rifles, as well some light machine guns, among other changes. C58 and EM2 rifles got slightly nerfed by increased recoil. MG82s and light machine guns alpha got similar nerfs in recoil and a few details. These should make managing their fire a bit easier.

Warzone’s next major seasonal update will likely come sometime near the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022, and is expected to tie the game into Vanguard: The Call of DutyWe are. While we don’t know exactly what that will mean yet, we know there’s a new map coming, along with a newly improved anti-cheat system, and probably the integration of Vanguard’s entire weapons arsenal.

A complete list of changes can be found here Warzone: Call of Duty’s season 6 patch, you can check out Raven’s full patch notes.

Call of Duty: Warzone season 6 patch note


The Newest Points of Interest

Verdansk has been rocked by explosive charges, which have created massive cracks through Stadium.

This system contains passageways and armor rooms. You’ll find loot of high value and you will return to the surface first.

New Gulag, inspired from the Original

  • Look familiar? It was our thought. Same rules. A slightly different field.


  • Loot across Verdansk has been adjusted as follows…
  • Both the.410 Ironhide, Grav and BOCW have been included
  • Loadouts for the Gulag New
  • Supply Box and new ground loot
  • The Plunder respawn behavior is now more dynamic to allow players to infiltrate faster
  • Until further notice the RCXD Killstreak is removed from all modes


The New Weapons Program (BOCW)

  • .410 Ironhide: Shotgun (Launch)
  • Lever-action shotgun. A shotgun that can do high damage close to the target and has a faster fire rate. A reliable 2-shot kill, with a very short kill range.
  • You can get the Rattler Shotgun free of charge and it is ready for use in Black Ops Cold War, Warzone and Warzone at Tier 15 on the Season Six Battle Pass.

Grav: Assault Rifle (Launch)

  • Full-auto assault rifle. Rapid firing rifle with increased range. With moderate recoil and modest damage, fastest bullet velocity.
  • Grab the Grav Assault Rifle free of charge and get it ready for use in Black Ops Cold War or Warzone Tier 31.

Battle Axe Melee (Launch).

  • Double-handed melee Weapon. For powerful swings, double bit axe. Straight wooden handle. Take down your foes, and make them into kindling.
  • You can get the Battle Axe free of charge and use it in Black Ops Cold War, Warzone and Warzone by completing an in-game challenge.

LAPA (Submachine Gun)

  • Fully-auto submachine guns. Prototype lightweight with good firing control and reliable damage. With a slow fire rate, this model has improved handling and range.
  • You can get a reward at The Haunting Event, or by using Blueprint in The Store.

Hammer & Sickle (In-Season)

  • Dual wield melee. This powerful alliance between agricultural and industrial tools is a strong one. Demonstrate your labor’s strength with devastating melee attacks from close range.
  • Get unlock Challenge, or Blueprint from the Store.

New Unlock Challenge Missions

  • EM2: Assault Rifle
  • You can quickly kill up to two players using Assault Rifles in just 15 matches.
  • TEC-9 Submachine Gun
  • Use SMGs to get 2 Headshot Kills in 15 completed matches.

Modifications to Weapons

We are happy with the amount of weapon variety that we see across Verdansk. We feel that there are still some outliers to be corrected. Below are some deceptively powerful changes that could help increase the number of weapons options.

Assault Rifles

Recoil has increased

Recoil has increased

Light Machine Guns

Increased Gun Kick

Recoil has increased

Increased Reload Interrupt Time

Increased interrupt time

  • Light Machine Gun Alpha (BOCW)

Increased Gun Kick

Recoil has increased


Modifications to Attachments


  • Tiger Team Spotlight
  • Moving Speed multiplier fell from 3.2% – 3%
  • The ADS Movement Speed multiplier has been decreased from 3.2% – 3%


OTs 9 (BOCW).

  • Spetsnaz 40 Rnd
  • ADS Speed multiplier has been decreased from 0.85 to 0.835
  • Reload time decreased from 2.6 seconds to 2.7 seconds
  • Reduced Reload Empty time from 3 to 3.0 seconds

VDV40 Rnd Fast Mag

  • ADS Speed multiplier has been decreased from.8 -.78
  • Reload time decreased from 1.93 seconds to 2.11 seconds
  • Reload empty time decreased from 2.23 seconds down to 2.32 seconds

UI, UX and More


  • To ensure smooth transition to the Clan-based system later in this year, Regiments have been frozen.
  • Players can now view only their Regiment Rosters and check out other Players.
  • The ability to invite, create, change, and switch other players, as well as use Regiment Tags or earn Happy Hour rewards, will be gone.

Loot cards

  • All loot card visuals have been updated.
  • In addition to this change, we’ve added information about the fire type of a Weapon to each loot card.
  • It will enable Players to see if the Weapon’s automaticity, semi-automatic or burst is before they commit to using it. They won’t have to fire any test shots, lose their next engagement, etc.


  • Killfeed (Time On Screen)
  • A new Accessibility option has been added to allow you to adjust how long messages on Killfeed remain visible. This option supports cognitive overload, Hard of vision, Hard of hearing and hard of sight accessibility.
  • You have 5 options for setting the scene:
  • All Rights Reserved Never send updates
  • In default:Updating takes 10 seconds
  • Medium For 20 seconds, updates are displayed
  • It’s long Updating takes 30 seconds
  • Extra:Updates are shown for 60 seconds
  • Notice: It will not impact the length of disconnected notifications.
  • Mono Audio
  • An option has been added under the Audio menu that allows you to change the level to which Mono Audio is used when enabled.
  • You can adjust this setting by using a slider
  • The higher values merge sounds and are sent through the speakers left and right in similar quantities.
  • The applied effect is reduced by a lower value, but the directional sound remains.

Fixes for bugs

  • Corrected a UI bug that caused the Tempered Perk’s display to be incorrectly displayed during Plunder matches.
  • A visual problem caused the C58 (BOCW ejection port) to stop opening during firing animation was fixed.
  • Additional collision problems with elements in Verdansk were fixed allowing players to explore/peek/shoot through these issues.
  • This issue was causing conflict between Red Doors’ audio and Supply Boxes’ audio.
  • Fixed an issue causing Operator Bios and the “Set as Favorite” UI option to not appear when using a gamepad.
  • This issue was fixed, causing Seasonal Challenges not to appear grayed when scrolling down the menu.
  • Fixes an issue in the Krig 6 BOCW that caused noticeable camera tilt during firing.
  • A problem that caused the default reticle for Pelington 703 (BOCW), to look misaligned was fixed.
  • Correction of an issue with the QBZ-83 BOCW that was causing it to hitch during firing.
  • Fixes an issue that caused the default reticle of Sniper Rifle Charlie, BOCW (BOCW) to look misaligned
  • This issue was fixed – the TEC-9(BOCW) hipfire reticle did not fire in the right firing mode.
  • Payload Cargo Trucks rear axle was contaminated by unintentional bullet impacts.
  • Fixed an issue with the firing audio on the “Turbo Powered” Bullfrog (BOCW) Blueprint.
  • Fixed several problems with the reload animations, BOCW for Sniper Rifle Charlie (BOCW), and OTs 9(BOCW).
  • Fixed multiple issues that caused players to experience Dev Error 55676 and Dev Error 55773.
  • Fixed various issues with Stitch’s subtitles while near Red Doors.

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