Call of Duty Warzone patch notes: four weapons, Last Stand bug fixes, and more

The most recent Call of Duty Warzone fix notes conveys new weapons and a couple of profoundly mentioned personal satisfaction highlights, to avoid anything related to a lot of bug fixes.

Four new weapons would now be able to be found on the ground and in supply boxes: the 725 shotgun, MK2 carbine marksman rifle, EBR-14 marksman rifle, and .50 GS handgun. These weapons can be found in like manner and extraordinary rarities.

With another shotgun coming into the game, Infinity Ward chose to modify shotgun harm yield. A solitary typical shotgun impact will no longer one-hit a completely protected player, yet a shotgun supported by the Stopping Power redesign will have the option to one-took shots at the ideal range. That is the main genuine parity change this update, yet self-resuscitate units can likewise never again be stacked, which will also influence how a few battles play out.

A couple of different quirks have additionally been changed. For instance, players who separate in Last Stand mode will currently drop their things like typical, and in a comparable vein, if somebody you’ve brought down detaches from the match, you’ll win a murder. Also, took out players who spectate others will get 40% of the Plunder payouts from contracts finished by the people they’re spectating.

Here are the other tweaks and bug fixes included in the latest update of call of duty warzone: 

  • Fixes to help prevent hitching when interacting with Cash Deposit Helicopters and Recon Contracts
  • Fix for a rare bug that allowed players to equip two riot shields if they had two different camos, but only one would appear on the player
  • Made it easier to see which item is selected while using a Buy Station
  • Updated button layout for equipment while using a gamepad
  • Fixed a bug for players are not receiving a banner on the top right of the screen for allies or enemies initiating kill streaks¬†
  • Prevent bullets that hit the riot shield from depleting player armor
  • If a player flies the Recon Drone out of bounds, the player will hear the out of bounds countdown timer but will not see the countdown splash on their screen. This has been fixed
  • Fix for various and potential exploits
  • Field Upgrades: Fixed a bug where some Field Upgrades were not ending at the end of the pre-match
  • Reduced the amount of cash given for averting a bounty
  • The increased price of Loadout Drop within the Buy Station to $8,500

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