Brewster’s Coffee Shop Returns To Animal Crossing New Horizons Alongside Older Features

Today’s Animal Crossing New Horizons direct confirmed that Brewster’s coffee shop, The Roost, is coming to islands in-game alongside new features and returning ones from previous Animal Crossing games on November 5. 

Nintendo hinted that The Roost would be making its way to Animal Crossing New Horizons when it announced today’s direct a couple of weeks ago, and now Brewster’s return has been confirmed. Fans familiar with this bird’s coffee shop will recognize everything you can do in The Roost, although it does offer some fun additions. 

For starters, Brewster will make you coffee as you sit at The Roost’s bar and your neighbors will join you occasionally as well. Amiibo figures and cards can also be used to invite other characters to The Roost. Some of these friends might bring their friends. Online friends, residents and Amiibo visitors can enjoy the coffee shop together. 

Another new Animal Crossing New Horizons feature announced during today’s direct was Kapp’n, a frog that owns a boat. They’ll serenade you with sea shanties on the ocean blue as they take you to “a hidden gem only Kapp’n knows about.” At this hidden island, you might find mysterious flora, islands in different seasons of the year, environments during different times of the day, and more. 

Fans of Animal Crossing New Leaf were likely surprised by what Harv’s photography island is becoming as it’s essentially taking on the central shopping hub from that 3DS title. Harv will continue to operate his photography studio, but he is creating a new place for returning and new characters. 

You can contribute Bells to help speed up the development of Harv’s plaza, and in no time, you’ll see people like Cryus, the furniture maker, set up shop alongside Katrina, who will reveal your fortune for the day. Harriet is another business owner who will be showcasing her products and services at the Direct. She can help you style your hair for Tortimer or on your island. 

Gyroids will be a welcome return for New Leaf Fans. Players might now find Gyroid Fragments by digging into the ground. Water these and let them grow overnight into Gyroids and then display them anywhere you’d like. These strange gadgets, sometimes in tune to the music being played but often making odd sounds, are called Gyroids. They come in many sizes and shapes. 

An important new feature is Ordinances. It will simplify island living. You can control what time your neighbours are on the island. If you have a morning ordinance that is great for someone who cannot play New Horizons during the day, then your island residents will be more likely to spend time outdoors and stay awake in the morning than at other times of the day. 

Joining Ordinances in the “new” category of announcements today is cooking. Players can now collect DIY recipes and create new ones by combining homegrown ingredients such as tomatoes, wheat, sugarcane, potatoes, carrots, and more to create delicious meals that can be displayed in kitchens, living rooms, parks, and really, wherever you’d like. 

Below are some quick announcements from Nintendo this morningYou can find this link: 

  • Stretching sessions (it’s basically group yoga)
  • Neu lighting ceilingThere are many decor ideas that you can get with the Pro Decorating License 
  • Accent wallsThis license can also be purchased with the Pro Decorating License
  • Neue fencesYou can also choose from a range of customizable colors
  • Pro Camera AppThe view aligns now with the villager. You can place your camera on a tripod to get the perfect shot. 
  • DesignsPreviously used to customize items, can be used now as flooring or ceiling wallpaper. 
  • New 11 hairstylesAdditional
  • Eleven brand new reactionsMore
  • You can find more items Addition to the Nook Store
  • Storage Shed that can be placed anywhere on the island that connects to your home’s storage
  • An ATM outside of Nook’s placeThis information can be accessed from any device at any time
  • K.K. K.K. SliderNew Horizons has 12 songs added
  • Ladder KitYou can place ladders permanently with this method 
  • NavigationNow you can walk in tight places by moving sideways. (Think shimmying). 

Even more was announced during today’s Animal Crossing New Horizons direct, too, such as the Happy Home Paradise paid DLC. You can check out Game Informer’s Happy Home Paradise breakdown for more info about that, and then read about how Nintendo also announced pricing for its new Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack, which includes Nintendo 64 games, Sega Genesis games, and today’s Happy Home Paradise paid DLC for Animal Crossing New Horizons. The DLC is available separately and as part of an expansion pack starting November 5.

Is today’s direct reviving your enthusiasm for Animal Crossing New Horizons Please let us know what you think in the comments!

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