Bless Unleashed: New Bless Pass “Changing World” is Now Live

Now is the time to order your next Bless Pass season! The Changing World offers a refreshing of the daily missions and a more enhanced version that includes a Bless Pass mount and costume.

All players can earn Changing World just like any other Bless Pass season. There are 50 levels of earned rewards, including potions, boosters and sealed chest keys. This daily mission is designed to reward players who play regularly. It includes missions such as finding treasure chests and completing tasks, cooking at campfires, defeating bosses, and more!

We have something special this season for players. This will not be available for purchase in the Lumena Shop. Instead, it will be given to every player!

Bless Unleashed

The Enhanced Bless Pass bundle will be sent to all players upon their first login during the Changing World season (October 15, 2021 – January 6, 2022).

In-game mail can be collected by players to receive their Enhanced Bonus Pass Bundle. It contains the following items: Enhanced Pass Ticket; Gold Wing Mask Card; Gold Chest (Legendary); and Star Seed Box. (Special).

The claim can only be made for one character on each server. So choose wisely!

Bless Unleashed

We appreciate everyone’s patience. And if you’re just getting started, this is a great time to get even more rewards just for playing.

The Gold Wing Outfit will bring out your inner goddess and god. With light and airy draped fabric, adorned with a golden eagle, you’ll look divine and soar above the competition.

Bless Unleashed

Tangled Trees Rhino Mount, which is covered with moss but also blooms with flowers, will help you stand firm. This mount will allow you to be one with the natural world while riding across Lumios.

Everything you earn before the season’s over is forever yours to keep and flaunt. Start today!

Bless Unleashed

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Bless Unleashed

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Bless Unleashed (MMORPG) is the most popular next-generation action game. Journey across a vibrant persistent world to take on — and survive — vicious, lethal monsters that inhabit this untamed landscape. Select from one of five classes with unique combat experiences, all designed for online play. Your party can explore and survive in a world full of deadly beasts and mysterious secrets.

Key Features:
• Stunning, Expansive – Explore a richly detailed open world, built in Unreal Engine 4. Get together with your friends and explore the world, find new monsters, then battle them.
• Combo Driven Combat – Customize your own combos for an even more rewarding combat experience, where proper positioning can be the difference between success or death.
• Pretty Dangerous – Defend yourself from massive dragons, giants, and other fantastical creatures even as danger from other players is always a threat.

• Mature Minded – Bless Unleashed is a violent world with a rich, complicated backstory and an intricate plot.
• Friend & Foe – The open persistent world challenges players to survive a menagerie of mythical beasts… and each other. Integrated PVP offers danger at all turns.
• Classic Fantasy With a Twist – Choose between five classic fantasy classes like the arcane wielding Mage or the bloodthirsty Berserker in a world full of magic. For your chance to touch divinity, travel the globe with your friends and search for the truth about gods.

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