Battlefield 2042’s new not-zombies mode adds 3D-printed android enemies

Battlefield 2042The game is experiencing a slight resurgence, as it approaches its second anniversary. This has been attributed to the recent sale and updates, along with a free weekend. The game’s new season will hopefully maintain players’ renewed interest in DICE’s futuristic military shooter — particularly the new mode that lets you deploy and fight against hordes of 3D-printed synthetic soldiers who run around naked and smash enemies’ heads in with hammers.

Season 6’s of Battlefield 2042 will introduce a new limited time mode called Killswitch, a 12v12 game type that lets players print out waves of Geists — the aforementioned buck-naked ’bots — that can be deployed in combat. They’re effectively (fast) zombies who sprint at the opposing team and try to bludgeon them to death, as seen in the trailer above.

Geists are printed at Forges in Killswitch’s maps (Redacted, Manifest, Hourglass and Spearhead), and teams will battle for control of those Forges while they simultaneously attempt to capture locations called AOS nodes.

What is the difference between synthetic and real soldiers? CanonicallyBattlefield novels include zombies? According to DICE and publisher Electronic Arts, a secret R&D lab off the coast of Scotland is the victim of an AI run amok. The Geist are glowing-eyed, evil baddies who have been programmed to die. That’s a good idea.

While zombies may be something of a tired trope (and prominently associated with more popular modern military first-person shooters), it’s fun to see DICE and developer Ripple Effect experiment with Battlefield while new leadership rethinks EA’s approach to the franchise.

Killswitch has been included in the Xbox Live Arcade. Battlefield 2042’s Dark Protocol event, which runs Oct. 31 to Nov. 14. Killswitch players can collect Ribbons, which can then be redeemed for cosmetic items like vehicle and weapon skins.

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