Battlefield 2042 Early Access | Game Informer Live

Battlefield 2042 doesn’t officially release until November 19 but select players can get in on the action beforehand via an Early Access launch. For those who have either ordered one of the special editions, or subscribed to Xbox Game Pass, the former grants you a free 10-hour trial. Get involved Twitch @ 2:05 p.m. Central where we’ll be diving in to take a look at everything the bombastic shooter has to offer. Fans of our current Super Replay of The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope, don’t worry. We’ll be back to our normally scheduled fright-fest next week.

Join Marcus Stewart and Dan Tack as they go hands-on with Battlefield 2042’s Specialists, blow apart tons of buildings, and (hopefully) wingsuit into a tornado or two. We’re currently in the middle of evaluating Battlefield 2042, and you can our early impression in this Review-In-Progress piece.

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