Banshee Queen Cliodhna Available Now in Spooky Smite Update

Cliodhna the new Celtic goddess is available as an update to Queen of Banshees’s Update SmiteXbox One, Xbox Series X|S.

The Banshees’ wails sound across the emerald isle, their mournful keening the herald of doom upon a household, for death now waits beyond the door. The Banshee is one of the most iconic symbols of the Celtic Age. And their proud matriarch Cliodhna has more attention than any other member of this feared pedigree. The cry of the Banshee survives even in the modern world as a parallel to a sound of intolerable hideousness where one’s first instinct is to cover their ears to block out a noise of such horrific potency. Yet while you should heed the peril of Cliodhna’s dreadful dirge, it is her silence that is far more terrifying.

We crafted Cliodhna to be an assassin with a kit that goes beyond merely waiting behind a wall; she’s InsideThey are invisible walls that lurk until their prey becomes most vulnerable. Then she strikes with the fury and rage of a graveyard screech. Cliodhna represents the frightening aspect of October, giving players the opportunity to assume the role of the midnight terror by stalking and attacking their opponents without warning. While other games may give you jumpscares like Cliodhna you will not be able to do that with Cliodhna. Are The jumpscare.

Spooky Smite Update

While her passive ability of waiting within the walls may be very powerful, too much time spent lingering will cause her to become weaker and her health to suffer. Flickering Visions is her second active ability. The banshee queen, who can be seen even when it’s dark outside, curses her target by making her ineligible and giving her speed boost to make her flee quickly. This ability demonstrates the distinctive playstyle that the goddess has: take on the role of the haunting spirit, and all your enemies will be swept into the grave. If you still haven’t picked up the 2021 SmiteSeason Pass is available now. You can get the Limited Ascended Cliodhna Skin and other content to every Season 8 God.

Treats and tricks will also be brought by The Reaping, VIII. Artio, another Celtic goddess, has accepted the title of Beast Seer to eradicate the evil witchcraft that plagues the land. She has been captured and placed in a coffin. To unlock your Beast Seer Artio Skin, you must complete eight events quests. 

Spooky Smite Update

All new skins are available in The Reaping, such as Crimson Steel Ares and Omniscient Oracle Zeus. You can also get the seasonal Halloween Chest with Cybershadow Merlin or Deadly Doll Cliodhna. Yes, that’s right! Cliodhna’s new Exclusive Skin will be released the same day. To earn Pumpkin currency, purchase Halloween Chestrolls or a Reaping Skin. To receive the best reward, collect six pumpkins.

With the Winter Deadwoods, which are a major visual overhaul of the Conquest Map in snow and Ice, chills creep into the battleground. Plus: we’re introducing an all-new gameplay mechanic: lanterns. You will find key points around the map where you can place breakable lanterns. One minute after attacking a lantern, a cloud of mist will form around it. It covers players and protects them from enemies minions or gods. Keep an eye out for broken lanterns: you never know what’s lurking inside the fog…

There is something here for everybody! There’s a new goddess, new map update, a new event, and for everyone following the Odyssey, the C.A.T. Force Hercules is emerging from the Perilous Seas. This is the ideal time to jump into the event.

Have a happy Fall season, and remember…

She’s in the walls.


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