Babylon’s Fall: Square Enix Sends Survey To Players Asking How To Improve The Game

Babylon’s Fall, the latest from PlatinumGames and Square Enix, did not pan out well critically, with a 42% on Metacritic for PlayStation 5 versions and an even lower 37% on Metacritic for PC. 

It’s one of PlatinumGames’ worst-reviewed titles ever, but it seems Square Enix isn’t ready to give up on the live-service title just yet. That’s because the publisher has reportedly sent out surveys to players asking them how the game can be improved, as reported by Eurogamer. More specifically, the survey recently sent out is all about the graphics and visuals of Babylon’s Fall, and finding a way to “bring everyone an even better game experience.” 

Eurogamer reports that the survey asks players about their thoughts on the visuals of characters, equipment, NPCs, enemies, locales, battle effects, the UI, and the overall oil painting “brushwork” art style of Babylon’s Fall. The survey concludes by asking survey-takers what specific element of Babylon’s Fall’s visuals would need to be changed before they’d consider recommending the game to someone else. 

However, as anyone who’s played Babylon’s Fall or has read reviews for it know, there are multiple problems beyond the visual elements that make it hard to recommend. Square Enix may ask the players what elements they find most negative about the game, and fix those issues so that people are able to recommend it. It remains to remain to be seen. 

If you’re curious about checking the game out yourself, you can do so thanks to a free PlayStation demo for Babylon’s Fall that’s available right now. Check out this page for more information about the game. Game Informer’s Babylon’s Fall hub. 

[Source: Eurogamer]

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