Apex Legends season 19 Ignite: New Legend Conduit and cross-progression on the way

Apex Legends’ newest character is just happy to be here. Conduit, the game’s first Filipino Legend, will join the roster with season 19 on Oct. 31, and she’s a big fan of the Apex Games. She’ll be fangirling as she battles (and beats) other Legends using the powers that she obtained from the Monarch Titan Battery.

Conduit isn’t the only thing coming to season 19 of Apex LegendsIgnite, the season is known. There are big changes coming to the Storm Point map, which developer Respawn Entertainment describes as “faster and deadlier” with new points of interest.

The Season 19 Battle Pass is also available, which includes cosmetic items (weapons skins and character skins) Progression across platforms. The latter will include an account merge, and Respawn is promising that you’ll keep all the stuff you’ve earned in a centralized single account.

Here’s a more detailed look at everything new in Apex LegendsThe season 19

New Legend Conduit

Respawn has designed Conduit to be a “tiny titan of optimism,” a characteristic that really comes through thanks to her enthusiasm for the Apex Games and her cheerful interactions with teammates and opponents. Her finisher is a self-portrait taken right before she hits her opponent with a haymaker. Voice actor Frankie Kevich is the force behind Conduit’s endearing attitude.

On the gameplay side of things, here’s a breakdown of Conduit’s ability kit:

  • Passive: Savior’s Speed — Conduit gains a burst of speed when running toward a teammate out of Tactical range.
  • Radiant Transfer — Conduit sends a surge of energy to a teammate, generating temporary shields for them (and Conduit) when in danger.
  • Ultimate: Energy Barricade — Conduit deploys an array of shield-jamming devices that damage and slow enemies.

Storm Point

The colorful Storm Point map is getting a refresh in season 19, changes that Respawn says will make it easier to “quickly find action during casual play.” Respawn hopes to “improve the fun factor without sacrificing competitive integrity” of Storm Point by adding new points of interest (Wattson’s Pylon, CETO Station, a reworked Forbidden Zone, etc.) Early on, players can gather and compete.

Respawn also says that Storm Point will shrink a little to improve the mid-game pace. The gallery shows some of the changes.


Apex Legends’ mandatory account merge to enable cross-progression is coming on Oct. 31, with the launch of season 19. Accounts spread across platforms (Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation, and Xbox) will be unified and associated with players’ EA accounts. The inventory and Legends will remain the same on all platforms with some exceptions. Again, there are some exceptions. You can read the details of Respawn’s cross-progression account merge plan at the official Apex Legends website.

Battle Pass Season 19

The theme for season 19 is “bright” — just like its new Legend. And the associated battle pass will include skins like Octane’s legendary “Godly Speed,” Rampart’s legendary “Sly Sovereign” skin and “Gilded Age” Nemesis, and epic skins for Conduit, Wattson, and Newcastle. Skydive Emotes are available, such as Holosprays which project fun graphics in front of Legends when they drop.

Details on Apex Legends’ new battle pass are coming soon.

What about Post Malone, you ask?

The singer/Pokémon enthusiast/One Ring holder is teaming up with Respawn for something Apex Legends related, which we’ll find out about later. You can check in on November.

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