Animaniacs season 2 trailer goes Full Thundercat before fall release

The 2021 New York Comic Con hosted the “Hellloooo, season two! Animaniacs Voice Cast Panel” to dig into the Hulu revival of the beloved 1993 AnimaniacsSteven Spielberg produced the cartoon. New teaser video for Season 2 has also been created: Thundercat riff “’80s Cats” where the Warner siblings are transformed into jacked-up muscular warriors and square off with a giant robot as the theme song chants “’80s ’80s ’80s ’80s cats…”.

Participated in the panel moderator David Holbrook from TV Guide, which featured voice actors Tress McNeille (Dot), Tress Paulsen (“Yakko”, Pinky”) and Jess Harnell(Wacko), respectively. The 2020 program is a revival of a loved franchise from 1993 after many years of development. It features the original voice cast. AnimaniacsAfter 22 years of static, had a lot to live up.

Harnell shared, “At other personal appearances for other projects, we’re often asked, are they gonna bring back AnimaniacsAre you sure? That would be wonderful, we said. It was always a possibility. But then when it happened, hallelujah, we went on the time machine and went back to 1993You can find it here.”

“Thank Steven Spielberg for that,” LaMarche said. “He keyed into the idea that if you’re going to give somebody their childhood. Honor the old designs and update them.” A lack of toyetic motivation was evidently part of the show’s appeal compared to other cartoons. “We weren’t selling anything [like other cartoons]. Many commercials for toys were shown on Saturday mornings as well as weekday afternoons. And Steven just wanted to honor the Warner Brothers tradition of making it the funniest place on EarthPlease.”

Paulsen expanded, noting how rare it was to make something for TV for art’s sake. “Not only to get another crack, but it has an exponentially larger audience and the King of Hollywood to say, ‘If we do this trust [the original voice actors]. Don’t ever talk to me about stunt casting.’”

Harnell called Animaniacs a “Trojan Horse of cartoons.” He said, “Any great cartoon is great because it works on two levels. It’s funny for kids because it’s visually engaging and it’s also intelligent on an adult level so the parents who are in the kitchen making the cereal will say, ‘I can’t believe they said that.’ It’s an adult musical satire disguised as a kid’s cartoon show.”

Unabashedly, I refer to violence in mallet-mashing cartoons. Animaniacs resumes its spiel for slapstick and satire of current events — at least as much as animation production can catch up to the times as lampshaded in the first revival “Catch-Up Song” number. With the second season, we recorded the first season. Paulsen said, “We started recording the first 28 [episodes]In 2018, it was reduced to zero and dropped again in 2020. We were given a year and half to prepare, which was quite unusual for a fully-funded orchestra. [set up]You have 18 months to screw it up.” You got 18 months to screw it up.”

The voice cast was not present at NYCC, but they recalled attending conventions and admiring tattoos by fans. LaMarche said, “Oh yeah, I signed a man’s leg, a doctor’s leg. Toronto: I was there and saw him on the ground with the Brain tattooed on his leg. My signature was tattooed onto his calf the following day. And I’m like, ‘do not cash in your calf with my signature.’”

Certain memories can be more painful than others. MacNeille said, “I did talk a fan out of getting a neck tattoo. Yes, I did. Do. Do. Do. It.” Harnell also shared, “I’ve seen a lot of these tattoos of characters that people have me sign on very inappropriate places. On one hand, you’re flattered. But you mortified me.”

AnimaniacsHulu is streaming season 1 right now. Season 2 debuts on Hulu Nov. 5.

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