Animal Crossing: New Horizons update adds highly desired white fencing

It’s been 860 days since Nintendo revealed its first Animal Crossing – New Horizons trailer at E3 in 2019. And that means it’s been 860 days since devoted Animal Crossing fans — and future New Horizons players — first caught a glimpse of a white picket fence that turned out to be a white whale.

We are desperate to get the help of New Horizons’ release date in March 2020, eager Animal Crossing fans tore apart the existing trailers for any clue about what was to come. Players were shocked when they saw the trailers. New Horizons didn’t have the white picket fence shown in the trailer. Of course, players didn’t go fenceless: There were a lot of other options in the game, including a brown version of the highly desired white picket fence.

That was that — until the New HorizonsThe 2.0 trailer was released on Friday. Nintendo gracefully made a reference to white picket fence lovers by listing new fencing options as one of the features. Customizing fences is now possible, which means that white picket fencing can be made!

This is not all. New Horizons’ hottest “illegal” items — Harv’s fence — will come to the game on Nov. 5. Unlike the white picket fence, Harv’s fence This wasIn New HorizonsHowever, it was not accessible to the players for a few weeks unless they made the fence hackable into the game. For a few weeks, Harv’s fence (called log fencing in the 2.0 update) was passed around illegally in New HorizonsThrough trades and giveaways as well as sales.

Unfortunately, Nintendo’s 2020 Halloween update removed players’ ability to use some hacked items, including Harv’s fence. And poof, they were gone — fences slipped into the void.

It feels apt that Harv’s fence (again, now called the log fence) will return to New HorizonsIt has been just more than a year since the fences that were hacked were taken down.

Nintendo’s free New HorizonsUpdate will be available on November 5, along with the publication of its Happy Home ParadiseYou can get premium DLC. As part of the update, fences will be available.

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