Animal Crossing: New Horizons Thanksgiving Cook-Off

There is nothing better than preparing a huge Thanksgiving dinner with your family and friends. Yes. Yes. I would crush any culinary opponent before we could sit down and enjoy the feast. So, I decided to start a completely friendly cooking contest with this year’s participants. Game Informer’s resident Instagram chef, Brian Shea. I am not a good cook. Every food, even the most flammable, turns to fiery ash once I get into the kitchen. But that doesn’t matter because I have a virtual ace up my sleeve.

I’ve been putting Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ newly introduced stove through its paces, growing crops, stealing techniques from villagers, and gathering all possible ingredients to whip up some mouth-watering dishes. So, instead of a fair fight that I’d lose, I challenged my fellow editor to a battle between his real-life creations and my, obviously superior, New Horizons masterpieces (the secrets of which I’m ready to share). I’ll leave the reader to decide who gets the gold as we go through several courses, but I’ll bet a million Bells I know who wins.

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