Ambulance trailer: Michael Bay and Jake Gyllenhaal blow up the heist genre

Blockbuster and moviegoing are in disarray. Superherodom has taken over, and everyone else is reduced to streaming services. However, how wonderful it is to finally see Michael Bay as he is. (God bless Transformers.) Our bro, who gave us the gift Bad BoysAnd The Rock returns this February with the new ’90s-Brukheimer-y action thriller AmbulanceThis is. Yahya Abul-Mateen II and Jake Gyllenhaal star in the trailer. Their charisma is evident from their first trailer. You can also see cars explode.

Here’s the full synopsis:

Decorated veteran Will Sharp (Abdul-Mateen II), desperate for money to cover his wife’s medical bills, asks for help from the one person he knows he shouldn’t—his adoptive brother Danny (Gyllenhaal). Danny, a charismatic career criminal offers Will a deal: The largest bank heist in Los Angeles History: $32 Million. With his wife’s survival on the line, Will can’t say no.

The brothers, desperate to escape the police and their family’s ill-fated getaway plan go horribly wrong. They hijacked an ambulance along with wounded officers.Baby driver’s Eiza González) onboard. Will and Danny are in a fast-paced pursuit and must avoid a citywide police response. They also have to keep the hostages alive and try to not kill one another.

Michael Bay has a lot to offer HeatThis is what Michael Bay does. Michael Bay has a similar philosophy. HeatYou are so right! Ok, technically Micheal Bay did the Danish movie in 2005 AmbulanceAs the screenplay Chris FedakProdigal Son Chuck) is a low-key remake, but, c’mon, Michael Bay does Heat.

Ambulance hits the big screens, where shots of bank heists, helicopter chases, and Gyllenhaal’s bravado should play especially well, on Feb. 18.

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