Alone in the Dark remake stars David Harbour, Jodie Comer

Remake of the seminal Survival Horror Game You Are Alone In The DarkTHQ Nordic, the publisher of the title, announced on Thursday that it will release in October. Actors Jodie Comer and (Killing Eve, Enjoy Free GuyDavid Harbour (Stranger Things, Black Widow) will star as the game’s dual protagonists.

Playable Preview of the New You Are Alone In The DarkIt is now available. The prologue was released by THQ Nordic, Pieces Interactive and Xbox Series X on Thursday. Players take the role of Grace Saunders in the prologue as she tries to send a mail. There’s no combat in the prologue; developers said during a livestream on Thursday that the demo offers a glimpse into the atmosphere and mood, not the gunplay, of the new You Are Alone In The Dark.

When the full game launches this October, players will choose between Comer’s Emily Hartwood and Harbour’s private investigator Edward Carnby as they attempt to unravel the mysteries of the haunted mansion — a remote, countryside hospital known as Derceto Manor — and Emily’s missing uncle, Jeremy Hartwood.

Players will experience the same story, but with different characters depending on whether they play Emily or Edward. Players will find clues, solve puzzles, and engage in “intense and tough” combat. “You will need to use every bullet you can find,” said Mikael Hedberg, writer and game director on the new You Are Alone In The Dark. If they run out ammo, the players must fight using melee weapons and throwable items.

As for the game’s puzzles, it sounds like the developers will let players choose how hard they’ll be. “Depending on how much you feel like a detective yourself, you can choose how much you want the game to help you find clues and where to go next,” Hedberg said.

New You Are Alone In The DarkThe announcement was made in August. The remake is an update to the 1992 original, featuring a story from Hedberg, whose writing credits include Frictional Games’ SomaThe following are some examples of how to get started: Amnesia – The Dark Descent. This remake incorporates characters, settings, and thematic aspects from the series’ first three titles.

You Are Alone In The DarkThe game will also be available on Windows PC and Xbox Series X. See some brand new screenshots of the game below.

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