Accessible Games Database Helps Locate Accessible Games To Play

The topic of accessibility to games is gaining popularity over recent years. It is important that everyone has the opportunity to play video games. Companies are adding in all kinds of options and modes to make games more accessible in various ways, but finding out which games have the options someone may be looking for isn’t always easy. DAGERSystem wants to make it easier for people to find accessible games.

DAGERSystem’s Accessible Games Database has all kinds of searchable options to help locate specific features you want in a game. This database allows you to filter games that accommodate different sensory, motor, or color needs and provides recommendations. You can filter these subcategories to see which games support your specific needs. Even when looking at one game’s suite of options, click on any of them to populate a filtered list of all matches on the database with that same or similar accessibility.

You won’t find all accessibility options tied to sensory and motor categories on this site. You can also search whether a game has saving functionality, tutorials, required internet connections, difficulty settings, and whether it’s multiplayer only. It’s important to remember that all of these are a form of accessibility to someone, and it’s cool that the Accessible Games Database takes all of it into account.

Development studios, publishers, console creators are getting better and more open about accessibility, but there’s still more work to do. I’m glad to see sites like DAGERSystem’s database enhance the visibility of specific games and their options, and we at Game InformerWe are happy to help spread the word.

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