A Quiet Place Video Game Announced For 2022

A video game that is based upon the horror movie franchise A Quiet Place has been developed. Saber Interactive and Illogika will release the title sometime between 2022 and 2023.

In case you don’t know, the films are set in post-apocalyptic Earth where blind but powerful aliens with high hearing loss have overtaken humanity. These creatures are capable of destroying most people and hunting anything that makes noise. The survivors adapt by remaining silent. It is important to keep yourself isolated from all other people and use sign language for communication. A Quiet Place hit theaters in 2018, and its sequel, A Quiet Place Part IIBoth to critical acclaim, and, which premiered in May this year. 

A Quiet Place is a game that takes place within the same universe of the movies, but has a different story. It’s an original horror story-driven adventure for one player, although neither Saber or Illogika have revealed much more. The companies have promised to release more details later in the year. 

Illogika serves as the developer on the project and has assisted on various titles such as Cuphead, Hyper Scape, Spiritfarer, and Session. Montreal studio includes ex-Ubisoft veterans from Far Cry, Rainbox Six, and Session franchises.

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