A Monster’s Expedition is a chill puzzle game about shoving trees

A Monster’s Expedition – an open-world puzzle game about
rolling logs to create makeshift bridges and hop between islands – looks neat.
It’s wholesome during a way I can really drag, especially in 2020.

As the titular monster explorer, you’ll begin to find out
more about humankind. There are “hundreds of islands to go to – some right
ahead of you, others rich the beaten track for true puzzle lovers.”

A Monster’s Expedition is coming to Steam and itch.io this
year from Alan Hazelden, a developer you would possibly recognize from Cosmic
Express, an honest Snowman is tough to create, or Sokobond.

At the very end of the trailer, there is a glimpse of a
Reverse Mermaid, a vile creature I won’t ever acknowledge again except right
this second, to voice my displeasure. The legs are too much!

Wishlist this, file it away in your brain, or do whatever it’s you are doing with sweet little indie games.

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